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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Other Fees Long Distance Rates
$11.95 $10
Bring your own Device Optional

Canada: FREE
Intl. Minutes: FREE 300

AlldayTalk is owned by TieUS Technology Corporation. The company was established in Vancouver, BC in 1997. They provide VOIP solutions to business and residential users alike.

The home phone service comes with features including Call ID, Voicemail and Call Waiting. In total has 7-features; which seem very little  when compared to other home phone services such as Phone Power (which has a whopping 45 features included for just $7.40!)

AllDayTalk offers two plans, which may look reasonably priced for in Canada usage. The plans are the AllDayTalk Home Phone plan, costing $11.95 a month. The second plan is the AllDayTalk Business Plan, at $21.95 a month.

Though we believe for a no-frills service Canada wide calling is cheaper and for more features and Canada/US calling with international minutes included Phone Power is a richer and overall better option.

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May 7, 2013
Submitted by: kirk (canada , ON)
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losing phone service due to major misinformation from one of their agents

this is my first time doing this. Here i go. I called their office a few days before the end of april to make a payment with a prepaid card as i always do. I asked to speak with ann in accts. She is the best agent of any company i have ever done business with. She was not there. I spoke to a john. Advised him of my readiness to make payment with a prepaid cc as i always ddo before the end of the month. He said no i am fine no payment needed now. I reiterated this fact to him several times. He confirmed im ok. So to his information i used the prepaid cc ford groceries. Jus this morning while at wok started to use my phone. Said it wasnt working. I also cannot call them back cause ey interrupted my service. I emailed four time with no contact at all. Im on a very strict budget with cut hours at work. Lucky to still have my apt and not be out on the street. Neways now witghout a phone. I may lose my job. The service is called magic number and i am only receeeiving minimum wage. Tks.
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Maple Leaf Rating

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