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December 22, 2017
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Submitted by: Antonio (Innisfil , ON)
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Uncaring company

After 10 years of loyal and dedicated service and contributing to the success of Unity Connected Solutions they tossed me to the crub like trash. In the month of October 2017 they told me that my employment was terminated. Without a valid reason they let me go.

All the clients and my colleges had the highest respect for me. To this day I still receive emails from the clients and my colleagues expressing how much they miss working with me. I always treated the clients with respect and never made anyone feel stupid while technically supporting them.

Neither one of the two owners had the class to take 5 minutes to talk to me to explain the reason for this action. The HR person gave, what I though, was a poor explaintion of why I was being terminated.
I gave it my best for 10 years. No client complaints, great work ethics, honesty and old school loyalty to the cause and company.

The managers an owners would often use the term “Unity Family” I feels that the term was thrown around without them really believing in it.

At 61 years of age I’m now looking for a job.

I hope never to have any contact or dealings with this company ever again.
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Unity Connected Solutions is a well-established business VoIP provider that operates throughout multiple provinces in Canada as well as the states. Unity Connected Solutions is quite unique as they provide services in tandem with phone manufacturing companies such as Avaya, Cisco, Panasonic, Nortel, and Shoretel. They have thousands of clients in the shape of business owners across two continents, and they have been providing their services now for quite some time. Unified Connected also provides many other services such as Cloud Computing, network security protocols, wireless solutions and contact center services.

The headquarters of Unity Connected Solutions can be found at 450 Harry Walker Parkway South, Newmarket, ON, L3Y 8E3. GoneVoIP will now review the business VoIP services that Unity Connected Solutions has to offer.

One of the first we noticed right away is that Unity Connected Solutions does not provide any pricing information on their website. It is only available by requesting a quote from them. The plans depend on which infrastructure company you want to go with. Let us discuss the plans Unity Connected offers through Avaya. If you opt in to the Avaya IP office services, you have the option of four plans that have different ranges of users depending on your business size.

The largest one is 100 to 3,000 users, and this plan is called the Server Edition Select. This plan comes with a Linux server, IP500 V2, and a Linux expansion. This allows for connectivity through multiple branches as well as a unified structure for communication. Smartphone integration with business processes is very important and this plan comes with just that.

Unity Connected Solutions seems to offer very appealing services but even with all of the detail and structure information about the networking, it all doesn’t really add up to nothing until a price point is given. Customers won’t know what they are getting themselves into until they are hearing a price which will come undoubtedly with a sales pitch from one of Unity Connected Solutions’ sales representative. This is not the ideal way to attract business and even though we appreciated the detailed information about how the service is delivered, we would love to know more about certain features, as well as the budgeting that’ll be required to work Unity.

Unity Connect Solutions does make a strong case with its modern-day technology and optimized solutions, but what good is that when you have to receive a quote from someone who is also trying to sell, and most likely receiving a commission, you the product? GoneVoIP considers being upfront on the website equals transparency, and providing more information about certain features and pricing schemes would enhance and elevate Unity's competitiveness and be deeply appreciated by prospective buyers.

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