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AirVoi is a relatively new contender in the world of telecommunications having been founded in 2014. They have however built a comprehensive cloud-based infrastructure to meet the needs of their clientele. They offer their services in a variety of shapes including VoIP services for both residential and business needs, as well as internet services for businesses. AirVoi’s website is easy to navigate and very straightforward in terms of finding the various plans and their respective prices and features. The headquarters of AirVoi can be found at Suite 1000 - 10 Four Seasons Place, Toronto, Ontario, M9B 6H7. However they still need to be put to the test against other contenders, so without further wait, let us review one of AirVoi’s most prominent residential home phone VoIP solutions!

AirVoi offers three different business VoIP solutions depending on the size of business. Their enterprise plan is offered at a monthly rate of $21.99 per month and requires 25 to 49 users. This price isn’t that bad considering the many features that are included in this plan. First and foremost it allows for unlimited calling throughout North America, which is a big plus point. However, if we were to compare the pricing that AirVoi is implementing to the pricing of RingCentral, which also offers an unlimited North America wide business plan for only $19.99, we can see that AirVoi marginally falls short.

Upon reviewing the fair usage policy that AirVoi has in place, we noticed that the business plans which they are advertising as unlimited are not truly so. These plans are limited to a 3000 minute per monthly billing cycle scheme. Anything over this limit is charged against the customer – exactly how much is charged remains a mystery, however.

Of the many features that AirVoi offers, the one that stands out the most is the web portal. This web portal allows the customer deeper insight into their account, and the ability to modify their account in whatever way that they would like. However, there was no mention made of a working smartphone app and that was quite disappointing considering smartphones are very prominent in Canada’s business world!

All in all, AirVoi is your average VoIP service provider which isn’t charging too much to really be considered overpriced. They can certainly, however, add better features to the current service they have as inclusive features – or even provide them as priced add-ons. Lastly, we believe it is quite important that AirVoi offer a smartphone app which works in tandem with the services they offer!

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