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Seaside Communications

Seaside Communications


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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$$50.90 Shipping: $ Other: $ No

Download: 20 MBPS

Upload: Not Mentioned

Cap: Vaguely mentioned to be Unlimited

Overage: Not mentioned

Seaside Communications is a community based endeavour which helps the people of Cape Breton acquire internet access at an affordable cost. However whether or not the cost is truly affordable will be discussed later. Seaside Communications also has a sister company  known as Seaside wireless which offers wireless internet across  numerous counties. However our focus will remain on Seaside communications who provide wired internet connections, television plans, as well VoIP solutions. The headquarters of Season Communications can be found at 1318 Grand Lake Road (Next to Cape Breton University) Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia P.O. Box number 4558 Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia, B1E 1L2. Let us now review one of the Seaside Communications flagship residential internet plans!

Seaside Communications offers a residential internet plan which they call the “Express”. This plan comes with download speeds of up to 20 MBPS, and that’s about all that Seaside Communications mentions about their plan. Apart from the fact that this plan has a price tag of $50.90 per month.

We had noticed multiple peculiarities on Seaside Communications website that were quite unsettling – first of all they vaguely mentioned that their plan operates on an unlimited bandwidth usage but weren’t too clear about it. Secondly upon viewing their Acceptable Usage Policy we learned that they will ask customers who they deem to be using excessive amounts of bandwidth to attain a better add-on or will restrict their usage to very low speeds. Both of these pieces of information do not correlate with each other and we find it quite dubious at best.

The pricing itself is quite bad as well, if we consider that TekSavvy offers a 25 MBPS plan for the meagre price of $38.99 while Seaside communications is charging $51.00 dollars for a 20 mbps plan.

Not only did we find Seaside’s lack of information about their bandwidth cap suspicious, but we also noticed they made no mention of additional charges in regards to setup fees, activation fees, dry loop charges and more. They only mentioned that a static IP would cost another $10.00 per month for each address that you may request. The only thing worse than overpricing, and forced contracts is the lack of information being provided, and Seaside Communications isn’t providing enough information about their plans at all!

Seaside communications may seem promising with their well-designed website, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are offering quite an expensive plan without providing much information at all. Seaside Communications will need to also provide a comprehensive list of the extra charges that they will implement on their website; no one wants surprises during installation of their new service!


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January 17, 2018
Submitted by: Miriam (Tatamagouche, NO)
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Shoddy service

Seaside communications lacks in customer service. Intermittent connections, out completely several times daily. Refuse to make service calls. Don't own a bucket truck and when I cancelled sent a small truck with a little ladder to remove their equipment from a three storey home. Lack of communication to public on their tiered services and justify lack of service by saying when it works it works well.
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February 8, 2017
Submitted by: James Rideout (Reserve, NO)
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Seaside Sucks

Seaside provides the following:
1)Phone is constant static on the line.
2)Most channels go out frequently.
3)Internet speed rarely exceeds 1mb.
4)ISP Email is extremely slow and buggy.
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