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Netfox Communications Corp.
Netfox Communications Corp.

Netfox Communications Corp.

Cable, DSL & Dry-Loop

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$36.95 Shipping: $FREE Other: $25 No

Download: 6Mbps

Upload: 800kbps

Cap: Unlimited

Overage: N/A

Netfox is prominent internet service provider which reaches across Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime Provinces. Netfox was founded back in 2008 and has continued its steady progress in the world of telecommunications.

Netfox boasts that its price drops over the years are strategic moves to entice more customers into their service. However are these price drops really enough to compete on the cut-throat market that already exists? Let us now review a specific residential plan that Netfox has to offer!

Netfox offers an Unlimited DSL plan with a download speed of 6 MBPS and an upload speed of 800 KBPS which is priced at $36.95 per month. This plan has no usage cap and Netfox’s entire plan comes on a non-contract basis. This is a great incentive for homeowners that do not want to be bound by anything. However, does this price really offer customers any real savings? Yak offers a residential plan for $29.95 which allows a download speed of 6 mbps and an upload speed of 1kbps. This plan has a cap of 60 GB, and overage charges are $0.50 per GB. Ultimately both plans are the same besides the unlimited cap for Netfox. The difference in pricing is around seven dollars; essentially you are paying 7 dollars extra with Netfox just for the unlimited bandwidth.

This boils down completely to the needs of a customer; if a customer needs unlimited bandwidth, Netfox is definitely the way to go. However, if a client is a casual surfer or someone who just needs to stream once in a while, Yak is the way to go.

To gain access to Netfox service you would require a Bell phone line. However if one does not have a Bell Phone line, a dry loop is installed at an extra charge. This will add an extra seven dollars per month to your total bill. An extra one-time fee is also involved in the installation of the dry loop!

Other charges are relatively the same as any other provider, for example, you can add an extra static IP for a charge of $5.00 per month. With this plan though, one does not have to pay an extra activation fee. All in all, Netfox has a lot to offer, and it may seem to be very pricey at first, but the unlimited bandwidth usage is something that should not be forgotten. Most service providers have an overcharge when using limited bandwidth, in the case of Yak, your bill can total out to $55.00 a month only on using an extra 40 GB’s worth of bandwidth. 

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April 29, 2018
Submitted by: Nigel MacKinnon (Halifax , NO)
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Great internet.

I've had zero downtime, fast speeds and quality internet for the last year. Much better than Citywide and cheaper than Bell/Eastlink.
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