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ProvincialTel was founded with the vision of providing Manitoba with an economical alternative for VoIP needs. They were founded in 2006 and have been at it for close to a decade now. They are rated with an A+ on the better business bureau which is always a great note for any company. They offer residential and business phone services and do not dabble in other telecommunications services such as television or internet.

Their headquarters can be found at 601-191 Lombard Ave Winnipeg, MB, R3B 0X1. They provide their services within Manitoba only. Let us now review one of ProvincialTel’s bread and butter business phone plans to gauge there standing in the world of telecommunications!

ProvincialTel offers a small office business plan that comes with a fax combo. This plan comes with one phone line and one fax line and can allow you to call up to 160 telephone exchanges within Manitoba. This plan comes with a price tag of $69.95 per month but the fine print reveals a different picture. This plan is only attainable at the price $69.95 per month if you also opt for a 12-month contractual agreement with ProvincialTel, otherwise, the price of this plan shoots up to $79.95 per month. This price is just too high to be given much consideration, especially when compared to RingCentral’s business plan which costs a meagre $19.99 per month!

 All of the base prices that are shown on this plans page are also subject to a ten dollar increase if you don’t opt into the contractual agreement. For example, if you had opted into their fax to PDF service with the contractual agreement you can avail it at a price of $15.00 per month, however, without the contract it costs $25.00 per month. The same rule applies if you want to keep your existing number as well – the contract rates are a one-time fee of $35.00, while the noncontract fee is $45.00. ProvincialTel is using this price decrease to make sure that customers opt into their contract rather than on a noncontract basis.

ProvincialTel doesn’t have much to offer to begin with, and what they do offer is priced way too high! The fact that they use multiple contract based deductions on their pricing hints a degree of desperation in trying to acquire customers. Furthermore, the features they are forcing customers to pay for usually offer inclusive to a business plan, for example, the fax to PDF service!

All in all, ProvincialTel will need to hash out a completely different approach in trying to gain and keep their customers.  

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