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EBOX (ElectronicBox Inc.)
EBOX (ElectronicBox Inc.)

EBOX (ElectronicBox Inc.)

Website: www.electronicbox.net
Services: Cable, DSL & Dry-Loop
Availability: ON & QC
Monthly Price: $26.95 CAD

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March 29, 2019
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Submitted by: Daniel Dilio (Pincourt , 76)
Feeling unpleasantly_surprised Unpleasantly Surprised Rating 👎

Worst decision I ever made

Tv freezes constantly and I have missed 4 goals just this week during hockey games. PLEASE PLEASE do not get this service
October 6, 2018
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Submitted by: Sven (Waterloo , ON)
Feeling satisfied Satisfied Rating 👍

Great internet, low price

I've used eBox for a few years now, initially in the Montreal area and for one year in the Waterloo area now. Service has been great, no more outages than Videotron or Rogers, and for about half the price of the big guys. I'm using high speed cable that is resold by eBox, so the underlying provider is one of the local carriers anyways. If required (only a few times) customer service has always been friendly and helpful, but you have to wait 20-30 minutes to get to an agent.
August 20, 2018
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Submitted by: David (Montreal , QU)
Feeling angry Angry Rating 👎


Signing up for this service was a complete waste of time. After making an appointment roughly a week following charging my credit card, and after waiting for five hours in their designated block of time, no one ever showed up, no one called me, and no explanation is available. Now have to waste additional time seeking a refund. If your time is of any value to you, beware this service.

UPDATE: They never bothered to issue a refund, so transaction is being reversed on the grounds of fraud. Stay away from this company.
November 23, 2015
Review Helpful? 3 Yes No 8
Submitted by: Blanca Mejias (Toronto , ON)

Scammers, unprofessional,thieves.

I have had to deal with this internet provider Electronicbox. For three long months, I have been on the telephone with them, sometimes up to two hours,trouble shooting. After three months I had enough, no internet connection and a waste of my precious time plugging , unplugging, resetting, having to bring my computer in spend all
Kinds of money, for electronic box to tell me: " we know now that the modem is broken, we will send you a new one, so you can get rid of the other one " I have been waiting for my full refund for almost a week and a half. To find out today, that/
A) They have received the modem.
B) This thieves were going to send me a check for $33.00
C) Their excuse is the broken modem.
D) They want the broken modem payment in full even though it was broken, to refurbish it and sell it to another costumer like me at a full price.

They are dishonest and are making money by selling refurbished and broken items to all its customers. My advice is support the Ontario economy and skip anything that comes from Quebec, as there is always some type of scam, going
On with a lot of companies from Quebec.

For our Ontario province and its citizens don't allow Quebec to rip you off, the same way they are ripping me off.
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