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EBOX (ElectronicBox Inc.)
EBOX (ElectronicBox Inc.)

EBOX (ElectronicBox Inc.)

Cable, DSL & Dry-Loop

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$26.95 Shipping: $49.95 Other: $ No

Download: 5Mbps

Upload: 1Mbps

Cap: 100GB

Overage: $0.50/GB

ElectronicBox is a veteran company which has provided internet services for over 18 years having been founded back in 1997. ElectronicBox’s headquarters can be found at 1010 rue de sérigny suite 300 Longueuil, Quebec J4K 5G7, Canada.

ElectronicBox also has managed to get positive notoriety from numerous sources and are a BBB accredited company. ElectronicBox states that their success is all due to the competitive pricing and quality they offer for their customers on all fronts of telecommunications, specifically VoIP, DSL, Fibre, and Cable internet services. 

Let us now review one of ElectronicBox’s basic cable plans. The cable basic plan that ElectronicBox has to offer provides customers with a download speed of 5 Mbps, and an upload speed of 1 Mbps. This plan has a small cap of 100 GB and an overage charge of $0.50 per GB, whilst allowing only an extra usage of $50 dollars per month. The entirety of this plan costs a grand total of $26.95 per month, which does seem to be a very reasonable price. If we were to compare this plan to Bell’s 6 Mbps unlimited plan which costs $42.95 per month we would find that ElectronicBox’s plan is much cheaper. You could also get unlimited usage between 2 am and 2 pm for an extra $4.95 a month. During these hours, a customer’s data consumption is not tallied against the 100 GB limit! 

A customer must take into consideration whether or not an unlimited service is actually what he or she needs. Many customers pay way too much money while only using 200 to 300 GB's worth of data transfer per month. ElectronicBox’s cap of 100 GB per month is not very generous, to say the least. 

As it goes with download speed you have various packages to chose from 5 Mbps down up to 250 Mbps download for the cable packages.

The additional fees of the dry loop are quite excessive though at $9.95 per month, while most internet service providers only charge $5.00 per month for dry loops. The installation fee is $20.00 and dry loops are only required for customers that do not have a traditional phone line. 

ElectronicBox is certainly offering a very competitive plan which is further supported by important features such as unlimited usage times! Furthermore, ElectronicBox offers customers the option of choosing unlimited or limited bandwidths for their plans, this is an added incentive for people who are fully aware of their internet consumption!

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November 23, 2015
Submitted by: Blanca Mejias (Toronto , ON)
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Scammers, unprofessional,thieves.

I have had to deal with this internet provider Electronicbox. For three long months, I have been on the telephone with them, sometimes up to two hours,trouble shooting. After three months I had enough, no internet connection and a waste of my precious time plugging , unplugging, resetting, having to bring my computer in spend all
Kinds of money, for electronic box to tell me: " we know now that the modem is broken, we will send you a new one, so you can get rid of the other one " I have been waiting for my full refund for almost a week and a half. To find out today, that/
A) They have received the modem.
B) This thieves were going to send me a check for $33.00
C) Their excuse is the broken modem.
D) They want the broken modem payment in full even though it was broken, to refurbish it and sell it to another costumer like me at a full price.

They are dishonest and are making money by selling refurbished and broken items to all its customers. My advice is support the Ontario economy and skip anything that comes from Quebec, as there is always some type of scam, going
On with a lot of companies from Quebec.

For our Ontario province and its citizens don't allow Quebec to rip you off, the same way they are ripping me off.
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