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Very little is known about the history of Eyesurf considering there isn’t anything mentioned about it on their website. Furthermore, they aren’t very in tune with social media as well. Their Facebook page informed us that they are located in Kitchener, Ontario. Eyesurf offers telephone and internet services for residential and business users. However, they provided bundled plans only to residential users.

Eyesurf prides itself on providing unlimited plans to users who require unhindered access to the internet. They also boast about not having to force customers into contracts or surprise them with hidden fees. Let us now put Eyesurf to the test, and review one of their residential plans to see if they are worth the talk.

Eyesurf offers a plan they call the Bronze (Fiber) which comes with download speeds of up to 7 Mbps, and the upload speeds were not mentioned. This plan has an unlimited bandwidth as mentioned previously and costs a total of $39.95 per month. Now, this is where the problem begins, considering that this price is easily thwarted by many other internet service providers who also offer unlimited plans. For example, Worldline offers a 6 Mbps plan with upload speeds of up to 1 Mbps for a total of $29.99 per month! 

That is a copious difference of nearly $10.00 which Eyesurf has to contend with. Furthermore, TekSavvy offers a 400 GB capped plan which has download speeds of up to 6 Mbps and uploads speeds of up to 1 Mbps for only $32.99! In both cases, Eyesurf turns out to be a very expensive investment. It seems to us that the unlimited bandwidth is not being offered as a means of trying to create ease, but a means to increase their price tag. 

Eyesurf also charges a $39.95 installation fee for all new clients, which can be waived if the client chooses to purchase a $100 modem from Eyesurf. Another aspect of Eyesurf’s presentation that we found utterly disappointing is the lack of any list of features that any of their plans come with. Whether or not the customer has the option to get another static IP, or have web space is completely unknown.

Eyesurf falls short of being the internet service provider that it claims to be. Service providers like Worldline and Teksavvy are offering much more for the customers buck then what Eyesurf is offering. They need to either rework their pricing schemes or launch a new set of capped plans that come with a cheaper price tag!

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August 18, 2016
Submitted by: Yves Marchand (Waterloo , ON)
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Good affordable unlimited DSL service

I ordered the Eyesurf 25/10 DSL service bundled with digital phone in August of 2016 after shopping around following big price hikes on my cable internet service. I was under no illusion about the amount of work I would have to do to make this work in my own home but am quite familiar with setting up modems, routers and VOIP services.

Part of the deal is that you have to either rent or buy their modem/router/ATA device which is very reasonably priced at $99 compared to the competition. The advantage is that they put in all the settings so it works out of the box. The minus is that you can't supply your own modem / ATA if you happen to have one lying around.

From the time of order, shipping was fast (two days, but I do live in Waterloo and the company is in Kitchener) and it was only two weeks to installation.

Installation of the dry loop went well. It was done by a Bell service technician who arrived during the promised time window (8 to noon). The tech made sure the proper line was coming to the house and that the modem had a signal coming to it. It was just a matter of plugging in the modem/router/ATA and the various devices to it and turn everything on. For me, everything worked out of the box.

I did have a couple of questions about accessing the device Eyesurf sent. There is little to no information on the website about accessing the device or the password needed. That meant a couple of calls to the dreaded call centre. I was surprised. For one call, after a minute or so on hold, I was sent to voicemail. I left a message and got a callback in ten minutes or so. On the second occasion, I had a live agent. In both cases, the agent was polite and if the answer was unknown, I was redirected t the right person. I got the answer I needed in both cases.

Right now, everything works as advertised. On an ethernet connection, I have the promised upload and download speeds both confirmed by the Ookla Speedtest website and another download test site. On their wireless router (Smart RG SR 630n), the rates drop off considerably when more than 15 feet from the router. For that reason, I wired in my own wireless router which has better coverage and am getting much better transfer rates at the same distance.

The phone setup was a bit more complicated as I wanted to use the house phone wiring that the Bell tech had disconnected and cut off except for the wire pair that supplies the DSL signal. Fortunately, my inside wiring has two pairs of wires so I used the second pair to get a signal back up the inside wiring and hooked up the remaining wiring again to allow any jack to be used. It took two hour or so t get it all running but the house has proper phone service too.

Overall, I recommend this service to anyone that is not afraid of doing their own work and that is conversant with setting things up themselves. If not, then get an installer to finish the setup. The plus is the money saved over time for what I consider to be a very reliable service with very good phone support, albeit only during business hours Monday to Sa ... ay.
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May 4, 2016
Submitted by: Sherry (Hamilton , ON)
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Horrible Service/Support

Great for unlimited packages however Internet often cuts out or just goes down for hrs at a time. No support during weekends. Very poor customer service!!! It's worth it to pay more for a reliable connection.
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