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Pulse Telecom is a Long Distance service provider. It's HQ in Toronto, ONT and was established in 2006. Pulse Telecom Canada is a subsidiary of Pulse Telecom Inc. HQ in Schaumburg, Illinois USA.

Pulse Telecom presents itself as "the easiest-to-use international phone company". It offers affordable, simple international calling to customers in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.  Pulse Telecom claims to give "flexible, reliable service and low-cost international calling for your mobile phonehome phone or computer," In short Pulse Telecom look for ways to make it easy to stay in touch with those around you.

In 2014 Pulse Telecom went thru a transformation, changing their logo, adding more features such as CallMe Numbers™ and eCalling Cards™, making easier than ever to stay in touch with the people and places you love. Among the changes was also the rewards program they come to call PulsePoints - one of the most generous programs in the industry – rewards customers for almost any action they take and Pulse Telecom is offering up more promotional savings than ever before.

Additionally, they have increased the online information and FAQ; providing abundant information for self-support. Lastly but not least they vastly improve the online account; which allows users to easily add, modify or update account settings and manage all Pulse Telecom services. 

Now moving on to our Pulse Telecom review we found it to be a very advanced long distance service provider; though sometimes seems in transition mode to the new way of providing long distance services.

For example, we like the fact that it has a dialer app for smartphones; BUT on the other hand is not widely available, rather only for Android phones. There are access numbers across Canada and the US so you can connect to a wide area. Also, Pulse Telecom offers Virtual Numbers, so you may obtain a number in any of the 14 countries (mainly eastern Europe and South Asia) and forward that number to your home phone or mobile. The same service is also available for toll-free numbers. Another service from Pulse Telecom is a SIP Client, in which you could use your computer to make long distance calls.

In all Pulse Telecom has some good features, looks to be in the verge of the transition (lacks web calling and SMS for instance and universal smartphone client) and sometimes calling rates may not be good as those of other top long distance providers, thus you may want to double check your intended international calls destinations rates. 

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my PIN number not working please give me another please call me at 416 898 1495 thanks so much

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