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CIK Telecom Business Solutions
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CIK Telecom Business Solutions
CIK Telecom Business Solutions

CIK Telecom Business Solutions

Availability: AB, BC, NS, ON, QC & SK
Monthly Price: $14.99 CAD

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As one of the leading ISPs in Canada, CIK Business Solution is affiliate of CIK Telecom who was founded in 2003 in Toronto and ranked for the 3rd year in a row as one of the top 10 fastest ISPs in Canada by PC Magazine, provides one-stop customized End-to-End service solutions to cater to all the business needs.

CIK Telecom has over 8 years of experience with fiber to the building projects by facilitating not only our residential customers but also business customers such as big retail stores, educational institutes, health care organizations, hotels etc. CIK Pure Fiber and our innovation of Air Fiber Solutions can help your business run more efficient, easier and better. Besides high-speed internet, CIK Business has a mature business cloud phone solution to cater to small and middle enterprises’ need.

CIK Business Cloud Phone System makes enterprise owner manage the entire phone system, or even track and analyze every single phone call on the visualized panel to improve operational efficiency and team performance. Without complicated internal networking plan, CIK Business cloud phone system can easily organize all the phone access from the cloud so owner and users can access to the phone system wherever he/she is as long as having an active internet connection. Users can also set up an IP phone, plug in his/her laptop, or use a softphone application on the smart-phone to make/receive phone calls from CIK cloud business phone system. This means each user can work from home, on the go, or anywhere he/she wants.

Benefits of the CIK Business Cloud Phone Solution:

  • QOS guaranteed by entire process monitoring
  • Easy organization and switching
  • $0 upfront costs
  • $0 maintenance costs
  • Save maximally on owner’s monthly phone bill
  • Easy tracking and management

Quality enterprise hardware with all 40+ features will bring your business to the next level.

1. Unlimited Extensions & Concurrent Calls

2. Unlimited Conference Rooms

3. Management Portal on PC and Smartphone

4. Ring Group

5. Multi-Tier IVR

6. Application Integration

For more information, please reach out by dialing 1-844-424-5287 or visit CIK Telecom Business Solutions website.

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