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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$29.99 Shipping: $ Other: $99 No

Download: 5 Mbps

Upload: 1 Mbps



Mazagan Telecom was founded in 2013 making it a very young contender in the world of telecommunications. Mazagan Telecom offers a concise and to the point website with the plans and pricing is available just one click away. This is quite rare in internet service provider websites considering the number of pages a user would have to go through of self-gloating before finally getting to the prices and regretting each click they made singularly. Mazagan Telecoms headquarters can be found at 860 Décarie street #301 Saint-Laurent Montreal, QC H4L.

Let us now, however, review one of the residential internet plans that Mazagan has to offer to get better insight into the services they provide. 

Mazagan Telecom offers a residential start plan which comes with download speeds of up to 5 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1 Mbps. This plan comes with an unlimited usage cap and is priced at a total of $29.99 per month which is expensive in comparison to other providers. Before we continue on to the comparison however it is important to notice that Mazagan Telecom baits customers into a contractual agreement by offering this same plan for $29.99 per month on the condition the customer agrees to a 12-month contract. Yak offers a faster connection of 6 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1 Mbps at an unlimited usage cap for $29.95 per month without having to sign any contractual agreement. The requirement of having to sign into a contractual agreement to attain a lower price is a tactic used all too often by service providers looking to entangle customers into a situation they ultimately don’t want to be in.

Mazagan Telecom is quite vague on additional charges, using phrases such as starter kit to hint that there are setup fees. The fees for the starter kit for 5 Mbps plan costs a total of $99.00 plus taxes. Whether or not this includes things such as the dry loop or static IP is a mystery considering Mazagan Telecom made no effort to clarify the issue! 

All in all Mazagan Telecom does not make a strong case for itself in terms of the pricing, nor the bait tactic of using decreased prices to entice customers into a contractual agreement. Furthermore, customers need to be provided with in-depth information for what they are paying for. Using terms like starter kit raises flags on the level of commitment that an internet service provider is willing to provide.  

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