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Canada: $5
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FVN Alliance is a Canadian telecommunications provider. The company was established in 2006 and its headquarters are in Markham, Ontario.

FVN Alliance offers everything from Internet services to cable TV to both residential and business VOIP services. Other non-communication services provided by FVN Alliance include alarm systems, printing services, and office clouding software.

In our review of FVN Alliance, we will focus on their business VOIP service and see how it compares with GoneVoip’s top three business VOIP service providers.

FVN Alliance offers a business VOIP line which includes such features as caller ID, name display, Visual call waiting, call forwarding and voice mail. They provide 1 to 16 digital voice channels via one physical channel. Additional phone lines can be activated for $25 per month.

Much like their residential service, there is no monthly charge listed. Whether it is omitted or doesn’t exist that is unclear.

All incoming calls to your phone lines are unlimited and free of charge, which is always a bonus. All outgoing GTA calls are also free of charge. Any long-distance or overseas calls are charged by the minute according to the associated long distance plan with your line. This is vague wording.

Unlike their residential service, there is no one-time activation charge listed anywhere on their website. Additional options include the Local Canada Plan which adds all of Canada to your local plan for an additional $5 per month and the North America plan which is an additional $15.

Existing phone numbers can be kept for a $20 onetime charge. We are not fans of companies that charge to keep a phone number. 911 emergency service is included with the business VOIP service.

In concluding GoneVoIP's review of the FVN Alliance Business Phone, we feel that there is not enough information listed on the monthly cost, which is not listed anywhere on the website. Much like their residential VOIP service, pricing and general information are very vague or simply non-existent.

Companies that offer clear, concise and simple details on their plans and are fully transparent are what we hope all companies should do or strive to do. Companies that are vague on costs and charges are a dime a dozen and truly leave a black eye for phone providers.  

We feel FVN Alliance probably falls under the ladder, but we hope we are wrong. If you are considering them for your business, then we suggest you call them to get clarity on the situation.

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