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August 30, 2016
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Submitted by: Wendy Petillion (Victoria , BR)

Great Service

Transfered from land line, have not noticed any difference. Great service.
September 5, 2014
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Submitted by: Mango (Central , AL)

High quality service from a Canadian company

I've been a customer of AcroVoice, for both their business and residential services, since 2010. Though it sounds cliche, it's true: AcroVoice is a service that "just works". I've noticed no downtime, and was thrilled one day when someone who called me stated that I sound "clearer". I also appreciate that their website advertises the prices they charge, and they don't have hidden fees. I highly recommend AcroVoice to anyone requiring VoIP service.
September 3, 2014
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Submitted by: Reg (Ottawa , ON)

Acrovoice is great

I live in Ontario and switched my landline from Rogers home phone to Acrovoice. I was able to keep my old number and I am saving a ton of money and Acrovoice has great quality. I also had good service ordering the package and it was easy to install. I am able to get my voice messages via email which is great when I am traveling. I wish I had switched along time ago.
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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Other Fees Long Distance Rates
$17.95 $14.95
Bring your own Device Optional

Canada: FREE
USA: $0.03
Intl. Minutes:

AcroVoice is a Canadian VoIP Provider, based in Victoria, BC.  AcroVoice provides solutions to residential and business customers alike across Canada. 

AcroVoice has some of the most typical VoIP features such as caller ID, voicemail & call forward. Generally speaking, we found AcroVoice plans to be on the expensive side. There is a one-time setup fee, then the monthly fee. The starter AcroVoice plan, the Just a Phone has 350 minutes of talk time included. 

  • The just a phone costs $10.95.
  • The Home Town Plan at $17.95 the minutes differ, providing 300 minutes instead.
  • The unlimited plan costing $27.95.

AcroVoice, however simplistic it may look, does pack some cool features. For example, receive text messages - included in all 3 plans. Or the ability to transcript Voicemails into Text; regrettably and puzzling only available for the Unlimited plan. Other features include the usual, Caller ID & Voicemail. 

We believe those looking for advanced and more described Home Phone features such as but not limited to desktop/smartphone app may be better served by providers such as Phone Power; Yak or VoIP Much. AcroVoice does have some neat feats, but plans are expensive and do not include a lot of calling minutes. Other providers have plans that either provide long distance minutes in the thousands across North America as part of the base plan and in general, nowadays everyone offers free setup.

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