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December 8, 2013
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Submitted by: Alex (North York , ON)

Been Usnig Voicalls Business line for 3 months

We have switched to Voicalls when we got tired of the phone bill being another rent payment, did a search for Voip Canada and found Voicalls, since we have switched our phone bill has decreased substantially and the customer service they provide is very competent. We have sinced helped many of our colleagues save money on their bill as well.
August 18, 2013
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Submitted by: Cathy (Brampton , ON)

New to the VOIP

I recently came across voicalls, and was a little reluctant at first to try them out because they are new to the market, having been around for just 8 months, but boy do I not regret it. I'm on the unlimited north american plan for $21/mo, and i am completely satisfied thus far. Besides competitive pricing for both home and businesses with unique features that other companies don't offer, what impressed me the most was their customer service, and willingness to help. They come to you to do the service installation and will even come back anytime if you are having issues, or you can always reach them on the phone 24/7, and you'll be connected with a local Canadian. definately saves you a lot of frustration and its nice to know that they actually care about their customers rather than other companies that seem to care more about impressing you at first and reeling you in as a customer and then once you're signed up you're stuck dealing with tech support people abroad who can barely speak english and most often dont successfully fix your problem. Voicalls is definately an asset to the voip toronto market and overall a pleasant experience.
August 7, 2013
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Submitted by: Mike K. (North York , ON)

Voicalls saved our lifes

When we started looking for Toronto services, we found Voicalls and have been using them for 3 months now and the service has been great and the customer service has been even better
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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Other Fees Long Distance Rates
$25 $50
Bring your own Device Optional

Canada: FREE
Intl. Minutes:

Voicalls is a Canadian VoIP Solutions Provider with Head Office in Mississauga, ON.

Voicalls Residential / Home Phone plans are divided into 3 bands. All three plans are North America Unlimited calling. Though none of them is economical but rather is on the expensive side. The pricing is based on the commitment; for example, if you sign-up for 12-months then the monthly rate is $19, if you sign up for 6 months then it is $21 per month. No contract is $25 per month. 

Voicalls does offer some of the usual VoIP Home Phone features such as Caller ID, Voicemail and Call Waiting. Voicalls North America Unlimited plan has a usage cap of 2,500 minutes of monthly calling, and a further restriction of a 2-hour maximum duration per call. So it is definitively not an unlimited home phone plan, rather it is limited and restricted!

Regrettably, there is no smartphone or desktop app available at this time. Ultimately Phone Power, VoIP Much have more features, cost less and do allow BYOD. Talkit may be a no-frills alternative that also cost less or why not give Yak Home Phone a try?

Maple Leaf Features

Call Blocking Checkmark
Conference Calling Checkmark
BYOD: Checkmark
Smartphone App: Checkmark
Call Forwarding Checkmark
Call Hold Checkmark
Caller ID Name: Checkmark
Enhanced VoiceMail: Checkmark
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