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Services: Cable, DSL, Dial-up & Dry-loop
Availability: Quebec
Monthly Price: $39.99 CAD

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Download: 6Mbps




Compuxellence is a veteran internet service provider having been founded back 1998. With 17 years of experience Compuxellence pride themselves on providing the quality internet with no limits, contracts or hidden fees. Compuxellence provides its services in the province of Quebec only which is rather disappointing considering the amount of time they have had to expand and flourish. Besides providing internet solutions Compuexellence also provides IT solutions, website designing, printing and also computer repairs. This opens up a larger amount of possible clientele that they can potentially have.

The headquarters of Compuxellence can be found at 997 Decarie Suite 209, Montreal, Quebec, H4l 3M7. Let us now review one of Compuexellence’s prominent internet plans.

Before we speak about the plan it is very important to gain a better understanding of what unlimited internet really means. Most internet providers who allow “unlimited caps” use a variety of methods to keep such things in check. 

The fair usage policy is the go-to page to find whether or not there actually is a hard usage cap or not. In most cases; there is. However, with Compuxellence, there is no fair usage policy page to be found. Furthermore, to compensate for unlimited bandwidth, most internet providers indulge in bandwidth throttling, which is the purposeful decrease in speeds by the internet provider to help maintain bandwidth congestion.

A user who is opting into an unlimited plan should first be aware of the monthly bandwidth they consume; in almost all cases a customer would find a capped plan at a cheaper price tag would be sufficient for their needs.

The high-speed DSL plan that Compuexellence offers has download speeds of up to 6 Mbps per second and has an unlimited usage cap. This plan comes with a price tag of $39.99 per month. The first thing worth mentioning is that the average household of internet users consumes about 70 GB per month. TekSavvy offers a 7 Mbps download plan with a usage cap of 150 GB per month for a minimal $27.99 per month.  The difference of $12 per month is astronomical in terms of how much money the consumer would save in the long run. 

Compuxellence’s 6 Mbps DSL plan is too expensive of an investment for the quality the consumer is receiving. A multitude of changes may need to be made; most importantly the price tag needs to be more competitive.  Secondly, the unlimited internet is not necessary anymore for the majority of internet users. A capped plan with a lower price tag would be a far better alternative to Compuxellence’s unlimited plan. 

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