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Devices: Android, Windows, SIP Client
Availability: ON
Monthly Price: $39.95 CAD

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Northridge Telecom is a telecommunications provider which provides residential and business VOIP services. Their headquarters are in Mississauga, Ontario.

Some of their products include Home Phone, Business Phones, SIP Trunking, Virtual PBX, IVR, Auto-Attendant, Local and 1-800 Numbers, and Internet Fax.

In our review of Northridge Telecom, we will focus on their business phone options.

As opposed to many other business VOIP providers, Northridge Telecom charges by user amounts in groups.

For instance, for one single user, they offer a plan for $39.95 per month which allows for unlimited North America calling, voicemail, call display, call forwarding and enhanced 911.

For 2-10 users, the plan drops to a monthly charge of $29.95 per user and offers the same features as the plan listed above.

If your business has 11-19 users, the cost further drops to $24.95 per month while again having the same features as both plans above,

We like this pricing format as most agencies simply charge the same price per user whether it is 1 or 100. We find this group pricing format to be much more fair and realistic.

Other advantages include allowing for your existing number to be easily transferred, no contracts and a very easy setup process (per the website).

Northridge has a long line of features which are all included in the cost including - but not limited to - 3-way calling, toll-free numbers, interactive voice response, call queues, emergency backup rooting, 24-7 customer support, 411 directory listing, voicemail-to-email and so much more.

As an added bonus, there is no hardware costs, no setup or activation fees and of course no contracts.

In our review of Northridge Telecom, we are quite impressed with this business VOIP provider. Their pricing is competitive with’s top business VOIP providers and their included feature list is one of the largest we have ever seen included in a business VOIP plan. 24-7 customer support is also always a huge feature for us.

The fact that there are no additional costs for the hardware or the activation is truly amazing. The company truly covers all of the bases for the consumer to get the best possible package at the least cost possible.

The only thing we couldn’t confirm on their website is if they only provide service to Ontario or all of Canada.

We give a strong recommendation for any business looking towards a solid business VOIP service with amazing features including 24-7 customer support to consider Northridge Telecom as one of our top choices.

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