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Vodalink Telecom
Vodalink Telecom

Vodalink Telecom

Website: www.vodalink.ca
Devices: Android, iOS, PC
Availability: ON, QC
Monthly Price: $9.95 CAD

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Other Fees Long Distance Rates
$9.95 $10 $68
Bring your own Device Optional

Canada: FREE
Intl. Minutes: $0.01/minute

Based in Montréal, Vodalink Telecom is a provider of high-speed fiber-optic internet and the latest in VoIP communications technology.  Besides offering residential services, they also have comprehensive business plans with the latest in cloud-based hosted PBX.

Vodalink offers 3-tiers of plans including basic, medium, and premium hosted PBX. Within each tier, there are up to 4 levels of different packages. The simplest and most affordable of these packages is their Pay-as-you-go plan at $9.95/month. Unfortunately, this plan only offers one number with only 100 minutes across Canada and USA and doesn't include any extensions. You would be better off with a regular residential VoIP plan. The best value in what they offer would be their Medium Business plan, which includes unlimited incoming calls with 9000 minutes to use across Canada and USA. This plan also includes two local numbers, a toll-free number, a virtual auto attendant, two extensions, and a plethora of features including area code selection, encrypted private chat with video, and all of the basic options.

With all things considered, the Medium Business package has quite a lot to offer, but with a heavy price tag of $62.95/month. At this rate, there are much more affordable alternatives like the current favorite on GoneVoip, RingCentral, which is only $44.99/month on their most comparable plan. One could argue that the premium pricing for Vodalink is from their fiber-optic network, which offers fast and uninterrupted service.

Vodalink Telecom's services are all cloud-based on their hosted PBX systems and allow you to monitor all traffic to and from your business with their web-based software. You will also receive a smartphone application called Ringo Max, which lets you make calls from your smartphone anywhere in the world, as long as there is a data or wifi connection. For any international calls, the rates will vary but for most countries in the western hemisphere, the charge is $0.01/min and up, with access to 140 countries. There is also an option where for an extra $25-$30 you can have an unlimited international calling, or you can choose to prepay for individual countries where the pricing will vary.

Vodalink only offers services to Ontario and Quebéc, but this can be mitigated through the use of their Smartphone app Ringo Max. There is also a 3-year contract required, and should you choose to cancel before the 3-years are up, there will be a 2-months cancellation fee. You can choose to purchase their phones or use your own VoIP devices. The cost of their adapters are $68 each, and there is a set-up fee which depends on the plan.

With the latest in telecommunications technology, Vodalink seems like a great service provider for larger businesses who expect to see a lot of traffic. For smaller businesses, it is recommended to find another company with more reasonable rates, and services to match.

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