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AIC Global Technologies
AIC Global Technologies

AIC Global Technologies

Coverage: BC, AB, ON
Monthly : $59.95 CAD

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Download: 25 Mbps

Upload: 2.5 Mbps

AIC Global Communications is a telecommunications provider founded in 1992. When they began they focused solely on long-distance services but have since expanded to VoIP-based long-distance telephone services, ADSL and cable internet access services, prepaid telephone cards, traditional long-distance and overseas call back telephone services.

AIC Global Communications was recently acquired by Empower Technologies (in 2014). Empower’s headquarters are in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In our review of AIC Global Communications, we will focus on their Internet services and see how they stack up versus Gonevoip's top three Canadian Internet service providers in terms of price, features, and reliability.

AIC Global Communications serves three provinces - British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.  The main cities served within those provinces include Calgary, Toronto, Richmond, and Burnaby.

AIC Global Communications offers only one main residential Internet plan. It is called the Speed Bundle. The plan is advertised as being available both as ADSL and cable; however, the ADSL is subject to additional charges. Speaking of cost, the Speed Bundle checks in at $59.95 per month. This plan has a range of download speeds ranging between 15-25 Mbps download speeds and 1 to 2.5 Mbps upload speeds.

The Speed Bundle is only available as a two-year contract. It is worth noting that this plan is not solely an Internet service, but actually, a bundle that includes a personal phone option as well. It does not appear that AIC Global offers Internet plans without the phone bundling.

There is no mention of the data usage which comes with this plan. However, in the terms and conditions, it is stated that the data usage in an unlimited plan can be suspended or terminated if the company feels the customer is abusing the usage.

What is strange is they do offer the phone option separately, just not the Internet. AIC is very specific that the Internet service is provided by third-party telecommunication providers and only billed by AIC.

One feature about AIC is that they have Asian roots, and therefore advertise this as being an attractive option for “new Canadians from Asia because of their superior language of origin customer care, high quality and price competitive telecommunications for voice and Internet access services.”

In our review of AIC Global Communications, their plans are adequate and pretty standard, outside of slightly higher speeds than the norm. Having said that, the pricing is a bit more expensive, although has to be said that these plans include the VOIP option, which makes it a little bit more attractive. However, if you do not need a phone option bundled with your Internet, then it is definitely not a company worth considering.


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