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$29.95 $80 $39.95

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Sunwire inc was officially launched back in 2009 making it a relatively new competitor in the telecommunication world. Sunwire gained quick success when it gained its first voice over IP PBX. Sunwire inc’s head office is located at 850 Barrydowne Road Suite 303, Sudbury, Ontario. Sunwire boasts the SolSwitch which is their flagship phone appliance, as time progressed, Sunwire incorporated more features to this appliance. 

Sunwire offers a North America line package that entails a wide variety of features and reliability. However, this plan comes at the price of $29.95 which if we compare to other service providers we would find it to be costlier than most. For example, Phone Power offers its Canada/US plan entirely for $5.99 a month. The discrepancy is certainly a large one. Upon inspection of fine print details, we also came across the fact that Alaska, Hawaii, North West Territories, and Yukon are excluded from Sunwire’s North America service!

Having your existing number ported to Sunwire service is free and can be considered a humble incentive. However, upon reading the service limitations section of the terms and agreement, we uncovered a different proposition. A $10.00 fee can be applied to customers who wish to transfer their number to Sunwire from a different provider. Hardware and installation costs for applying to this service are separately charged to the customer. Installation fees which are optional cost $80.00 and the hardware costs $39.95. This in comparison to other providers is a generally more costly expenditure. 

The international calling rates provided by Sunwire Inc are to be considered generally very cost-efficient. For example, the international calling rate for Pakistan is about 7 cents a minute. If compared to other low-cost providers we can deduce that Sunwire inc offers an even cheaper rate. For example, Localphone offers 9.5 cents per minute rate for calls to Pakistan, which is 4.5 cents higher than Sunwire. Hence this turns out to be a great incentive that Sunwire is offering.

Sunwire offers great fax to email service which essentially saves you from having to keep a fax machine. This service is provided at a cost of $5.00 per month and you can have your existing number ported for $10.00. This aspect of Sunwire’s service is also cheaper in comparison to other service providers. For example, VoIP Much provides this same service for $9.45, a lot cheaper and a lot more features than Sunwire! 

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