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AEBC has been around for over two decades offering a variety of telecommunications services, having been founded back in 1991. Their headquarters can be found at 970 Burrard St. Floor B Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 2R4 Canada. AEBC attributes its success and growth in providing quality customer support, economical pricing, and advanced technology. AEBC provides DSL and fiber internet and a VoIP service to its customers. They are also a licensed carrier with the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). AEBC also provides e-commerce clients with software support and the usage of advanced administration on a global basis. However, our key focus is to review the most economical residential VoIP phone plan that AEBC has to offer.

AEBC offers a local calling residential plan for a monthly fee of $10.00. This plan is offered on a non-contractual basis and if a customer opts into adding an extra phone line, they would have to pay an extra $5.00 monthly. The price itself may seem low to many, but is it truly worth it. Consider the unlimited North America plan that PhonePower has to offer; a plan that is priced at a paltry, $5.99 per month!

Comparing the local calling to the North America wide calling with an even lower price seems to be a bit unfair. However, PhonePower isn’t the only provider to thwart AEBC’s pricing; a plan similar to AEBC’s plan is offered by Yak, which offers unlimited local calling for only $4.75 per month. The difference of over double the amount is surely too much to look over! 

The list of features does not include mention of a smart app. Smartphone integration is very important in this day and age, and not having a smart app can be a deciding factor in choosing a service provider for many customers! There was no mention of any fax capabilities either, and considering that these services are usually offered inclusive of the plan by many other providers, we are left further unimpressed.  

A highly disappointing aspect we noticed about AEBC’s website was the lack of their terms and conditions page. No link was provided to the terms and conditions on the home page, support page, or the page which provides information about the plan. This raises questions towards the credibility of the website, and the information is provided!

In all honesty, AEBCs pricing isn’t entirely off, but other service providers are willing to go a farther distance than them to acquire customers. AEBC needs to head back to the drawing boards, and revamp some of the pricing, provide more information on their website (most importantly the terms and conditions), and spruce up a bit on the features being provided!

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