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January 9, 2014
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Submitted by: Ravi Sher (Brampton , ON)


Had been using VOIP for a while; I simply switched from Vonage to Voip.com for 2-simple reasons features and price. I wanted to have a softphone to use with my laptop; which voip.com provides at no charge. Been a couple of months and thus far notice no difference with call quality. Would recommend.
February 5, 2013
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Submitted by: Dino (Woodbridge , ON)

Ciao Bell

Ported from Bell, I had been paying over $40 with Bell only for local calls. Now I have the world plan, we can call about 50 plus countries for under $20! They have amazing features, a note with the unlimited plan seems there are some restrictions, some 1200 minutes per month...(that's 20 hours of straight talking) My wife has family in Brazil and since we switched she started talking with her relatives every day. You have to keep an eye on the limitation their service is simply great; we had been using it for a few months without major glitches.
January 13, 2013
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Submitted by: Colin (Toronto , ON)

Port number for free - minor hiccups

Overall meets expectations and the fact our number was ported for free (I bought my own ATA) it really puts voip.com apart from other providers. I do still experience some call quality issues, breakups but had been unable to determine if its related to the ISP (Acanac) or voip.com So far voip.com customer service had been very responsive and as far as I can tell have gone out of their way to resolve the issue. I'm leaning towards an ISP issue simply because when I use the softphone from my laptop at work I had never experienced any issues. Will see, for now I cannot honestly give 5-stars for sound quality.
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Canada: FREE
Intl. Minutes: FREE 60

It was an attractive bundle when looking for a home phone alternative, basically, you got two lines at price of one; the fact is one is a cloned line. Virtual duplexing; it allows to use the same phone number to make simultaneous and independent outbound calls. Ideal Home Phone alternative for those families with ever-busy phone lines eh! It also comes with 45+ premium features, unlimited minutes to US and Canada, FREE number portability plus FREE 60 minutes worldwide for a very low monthly payment or opts for the unlimited worldwide calling for a few more dollars month - over 50 countries. Voip.com provides a very handy softphone and for those who like BYOD you can do that too., Voip.com actually has one of the most extensive hardware compatibility lists we have seen. Note though Voip.com does provides an ATA that's is quite nice, usually is a dual-port InnoMedia or GrandStream FREE of charge, perhaps even more than what most would ever use in a home phone - The InnoMedia (or GrandStream) supports two lines plus an extra Ethernet port. A very good feature available at no extra cost is one called failsafe, in where a pre-configured phone number is configured to route calls in the event the internet connection is down. Usually, that phone number will be mobile of the homeowner.

With that said it is one of the best VoIP Providers in North America at the moment - Voip.com has a very good track record and user experience and has a number of different offerings to make this a solid choice for your home phone alternative.  Voip.com is part of the Phone Power family; the largest privately held VoIP Provider in North America.

Note Voip.com is now dedicated to Business VoIP Phone. 

For any further questions you may call us at 1-855-456-9021 we'll do our best to help you chose!

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