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Inter-Active Telecom Inc. is a telecommunication provider which offers residential and business VOIP, home phone and long distance services. The company was founded in 2003. It is unclear where Inter-active telecom is headquartered.

In this portion of’s review of Inter-Active Telecom, we will examine their residential VOIP services and compare them with’s top residential VOIP providers.

Inter-active Telecom does not promote their residential VOIP as a standalone product, but rather has advertisements for their bundled promotion of home phone and internet all throughout the site. After much searching, we finally able to locate their residential VOIP pricing.

Inter-active Telecom offers Residential VOIP for $9.95 dollars plus tax, putting the final cost at $11.30. For the first month and including any one-time fees, the price comes to $56.50 including taxes and then is $9.95 every month thereafter. The one-time charge is for a $50.00 installation fee.

The $9.95 total charge is comparable to some of’s top residential VOIP providers such as VOIP Much ($9.45) and 1-VOIP ($9.87). However, it falls short to Yak ($4.75) and Phone Power ($5.99).

It is stated that there is no equipment charge, but then when we went to the sign-up form, it asked us if we wished to rent or purchase hardware. Furthermore, we were unable to determine the pricing, as the drop-down field to select the charges gave us no options, so we were not able to get through the process. If you plan to go through Interactive Telecom, we suggest you try to sign up over the phone.

As for the features included, they are pretty standard and include caller name/ID display, call waiting, caller ID blocking, call forwarding, three-way calling, voice mail, enhanced voicemail, 911 dialing and a virtual phone number. These are all pretty standard features and do not justify the extra few dollars over a company such as YAK, which is $4.75 for the first two months and then $9.50 every month thereafter.

To sum up our review of Interactive Telecom, we are very disappointed with the construction of their website, which has a lack of information on the company, its history, it's pricing, and most importantly perhaps is the inability to even sign up if we wanted to. It is always worrisome when a company which is not only a VOIP provider but an Internet service provider as well as a poor website. If you are providing Internet services, you should have an easy-to-use and working website.

Their basic Canada calling pricing plan of $9.95 seems reasonable, but there are cheaper plans out there. For example, VoIP Much includes Canada and the USA, for $9.45 a month.

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