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Devices: Windows, Linux, Mac
Coverage: QC
Monthly : $20 CAD

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Nurango is a telecommunications provider with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec.

Nurango began their operations in 2010, and state that the company began as a hobby in a loft apartment where they were simply tinkering with the asterisk PBX. Soon after they decided to offer their first Hosted PBX.

Today the company offers hosted PBX, hosted phone systems, SIP Trunking technology, and VoIP security. Their focus is on improving small and mid-sized businesses and call center telecoms at manageable and affordable prices. But do they?

In our review of Nurango, we will take a look at their full spectrum of business VOIP services and see how they compare with GoneVoip’s top three business VOIP providers.

Nurango offers a few different SIP and phone plans. The SIP IN plan is a $15 monthly cost and provides an unlimited inbound channel, domestic DIDs only, HD voice and video and encrypted calls.

The SIP Out plan is priced at $25 per month and offers the same services except instead of an unlimited inbound channel, you are given an unlimited outbound channel and instead of domestic DIDs only, you instead receive Canada & 48 states in the US included in the service for the extra $10.

The SIP Unlimted comes in at $30 per month and includes the unlimited 2-way channel and all of the same features as the SIP Out plan.

As for the phone plans, there are three: the Startup, the Lite and the Standard.

The Startup plan is $10 and features outbound calls at  $0.012 per minute and inbound calls at $0.015, one local or toll-free number is included.

The Lite plan is $20 and features outbound calls at $0.012 per minute and inbound calls at $0.015 per minute. Also included are free voice calls between users, free video calls between users, a webhooks app, a nurango webphone, the zopier softphone, and email and self-service support.

The Standard plan is $30 and features all of the same features as the lite plan but also has a fax manager app, voicemail app, API access, call flows app and a user portal app.

Some of the features available include caller-ID, call forwarding, hot desking, voicemail, virtual fax, conference calling, on-hold music and inbound call recording.

They are integrated with the following softphones: Zoiper, X-Lite, Linphone, MicroSIP, and Jitsi.

In our review of Nurango, we found this company to be quite thorough in options and features. Their website is detailed and includes tons of information. Their pricing is comparable to some of the top companies and they have many options to choose from.


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