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Anveo was established in 2006 by a former Russian rocket scientist. Anveo's HQ is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Anveo offers a very flexible Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) platforms and allows to builds your own plan or an entire platform for that matter. This is perhaps the best in the market though it can be perceived as overwhelming to those not technical or familiar. For example, note the fact you have to pay for your phone number(s) separately instead of being included in your plan.

Yet Anveo does offers some neat characteristics as the Anveo Messenger and phone numbers with SMS Text support. While the goal with Anveo is to reach to anyone without particular technical knowledge sometimes too much flexibility creates an unnecessary level of complexity.  Anveo has tiered Support levels, meaning the more you pay the greater support you get.

Ultimately Anveo is an option for those technically savvy or apt at choosing every little bite.  Majority of Home Phone consumers may find Phone Power or VoIP Much to be as cheap (or cheaper) with an All-Included plan (even 24x7 support) that is easier to comprehend, and everything set up so it is plug & play.

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July 18, 2016
Submitted by: Kenny (Montreal , QU)
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TXT services don't work, various account issues, terrible custom service

I had signed up for Anveo as they are known to one of the few providers that does TXT over SIP.
Here are the issues i noted over the past 3 weeks of NON-SERVICE

1 - The txt services on my newly registered account didn't work, I opened a ticket, they still were unable to resolve the issue, the issue was never full resolved. and then...

2 - Out of nowhere, my primary account was deleted. I had to open a 2nd account just to send them a new problem ticket to advise them of what happened. I asked for a refund on the 15$ i had spent to top of the account, and they refused to refund me via Paypal - stating, you used up all credits. All i'd done was make a few test txts and calls, I never actually got to use the service, as it didn't work!

3 - Also noted that my Anveo account would periodically go into an unregistered state at least once per day, forcing me to manually re-register with the VOIP app on my iPhone. This is not something I have to do with the replacement VOIP provider i'm now usingl VOIP.MS

4 - Lastly, their customer support for billing and tech support appears to be the same unhelpful person?

I wouldn't recommend this service to anyone. VOIP.MS is who i'm using now, they have much clearer billing info, and best of all, and i've had zero issues making/receiving phone calls with them.
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do u bill in CD or USD

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