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Website: www.univoip.ca
Devices: None
Availability: AB, BC, MB, NB, NF,ON, PEI, QC & SK
Monthly Price: $24.95 CAD

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Other Fees Long Distance Rates
$24.95 $49.99

Canada: FREE
USA: $0.02
Intl. Minutes:

UniVoIP is a seasoned veteran when it comes to telecommunications providers who have provided their telephony services for well over two decades!

UniVoIP’s head office can be found at 1743 St. Laurent Boulevard, Unit 224, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They have now comfortably established their infrastructure all across Canada and are capable of providing various types of solutions that cater to a vast variety of clientele.

UniVoIP offers metered and fixed monthly bill plans which opens up a lot of options for business owners when deciding what type of service they require.

UnoVoIP offers a metered plan for small businesses of one to five people. This plan has a cost of 1.9 cents per minute and also requires a monthly $69.99 PBX fee. North American calling is also subject to the 1.9 cents per minute fee. The per-minute calls are subject to charges for both inbound and outbound calls! On average UniVoIP states that this plan costs $80.00 a month. If we compare this rate to RingCentral which offers a business solution plan for $19.99 we would know where the better option lies! UnoVoIP is just way too overpriced in comparison to other service providers who offer the same deals but a much more affordable rate. The extra toll-free number add-on costs $8.00 per number which is also much more expensive than other providers!

The website itself had nothing much to say about the long-distance rates it provided for specific counties except for “low rates available”. Upon contacting a representative of UnIVoIP we were told that only serious customers looking for a plan are allowed to learn this information. This up-selling tactic is becoming way too common in today’s day and age and all it does is add speculation.

The toll-free number isn’t, in fact, free at all either; there is a sub-charge of $0.035 per minute upon using the toll-free numbers. There is also a one-time fee of $49.99 which entails the entire setup of the system. However many prominent providers pride themselves on providing the setup inclusively to the package.

There was no mention of a smartphone app or smartphone integration, nor was there any mention of a working fax service or voicemail service. All of these things add up slowly to paint a very bad picture!

Business owners usually do require fax systems for important documentation transfers, and the modern-day craze of smartphones certainly requires providers to have a smartphone app, both of which are not evident with UniVoIP.

All in all, UniVoIP is just simply charging way too much for the features and service they provide. To make $70.00 worth the quality, they would need to incorporate many more features into their metered plan so that customers can at the very least be provided with basic quality features.

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