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January 18, 2017
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Submitted by: James (Toronto , ON)
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Don't bother with Sonetel

I've tried for 2 years, I've been as patient as any half normal human being. The system consistently does not forward calls, customer service consistently can't fix it (if they even get back to you promptly). They maybe cheap but you get what you pay for which is nothing. USE ANOTHER COMPANY.
July 31, 2015
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Submitted by: Jarek Pole (Auckland , AL)

Hidden charges and waste of time

I had several issues with Sontel since I subscribed for their premium services:
Pricing policy is badly explained. I got surprised when I figured out that premium services does not include phone numbers and that you still need to load prepaid account. But thats fine, its my mistake I probably didn't spent enough time to get in to the details
Next issue really made mi angry at them. The Sontels application on iPhone by default is set for the �call back option which is a paid option. So I was paying for each call that normally should be for free. When I called their support centre they told me that it is my fault because i didn't reed it in the conditions. I felt i was trapped in to this. It wasn't honest at all.
Issues continued when I change the settings in my I phone. Now Sontel is still charging me for calls I make to Europe. They are trying to check why? Still waiting for answer.

In general I spent a lot of time with helpdesk guys from Sontel, waisting time I could spent on working.
If I knew its so much trouble with them I would choose other service provider. In fact I am planning to do that if they will not fix the issue with payments to Europe.
Save yourself time and go somewhere else to get your virtual phones.

Reply from: Morris
September 7, 2018
I can't sign up using the sonetel app.with my android device.. It says my gmail address is invalid.. But obviously is not.. This my gmail address

Reply from: Henrik Thome
August 9, 2015
Hi Jarek,

To summarize the conversation we have had by email:

I asked you to specify what things that had caused your anger, to allow me to understand what we have done wrong.

#1 You wrote "When making the same call (for example using sontel app from my NZ phone to FR landline) sometimes I got charged, some times I didnt get charged. There is no rules. "

I replied and referred to the list of destinations that are always free: and asked you to provide a single example of a call where you had been charged incorrectly so that I could investigate it personally.

#2 You said "I guess it was [name of rep] (not completly sure) who offered me to switch our conversation to Skype in the middle of our talk about the problem. So if he doesnt use your service why should I trust it. ".

I answered that I agree that it sounded weird, but that maybe the intent was to save you the cost of the call. I will investigate why this was suggested.

#3 You wrote "When he got upset at me and I said I will cancel the service he asked me if he could do it now, right away when I still had some money on prepaid. Totally disrespectful."

I responded by saying that "I am sorry if our representative got upset. I dont know how your conversation went, so it is difficult for me to have any opinions about it, but it is naturally important to me that our representatives keep cool and professional regardless of what the customer says, so I will follow up on this as well to get an understanding. In any case, when a service is cancelled, we always refund any unused funds. So if we offered to cancel your account, with the implicit understanding that we would refund any unused funds what in that is disrespectful? "

You responded that to all my questions above by saying that you do not have time to provide answers.

As our engineers have scrutinized all your call logs and found that all calls are correctly charged - and since you now do not have the time to point out a single call that was incorrectly charged - it becomes very difficult for me to resolve your problem.

As an entrepreneur I take great pride in our business, and take any complaints very seriously.

Given this I hope that you can find the time to substantiate your claims to allow me to validate if there indeed is something we have done wrong.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

As to your original post above, it is apparent that you have misunderstood how Callback and Call thru works. It is not so that one is a "paid" and another "free".
More info can be found here: but I guess that this misunderstanding was cleared in your communication with our customer service.


Henrik Thome
CEO & Founder Sonetel

Reply from: Henrik Thome
August 7, 2015
Hi Jarek,

Really sorry that you are unhappy with our service.
Our team has investigated your issue and found that there are no issues with the call charges. They are as per our published price list.

I'll drop you an email to see if I can reach a better understanding why you are so unhappy with our service.


Henrik Thome
CEO and Founder

Reply from: Jarek Pole
August 6, 2015
Dear Padmini,
The fact is that the issue was solved for one day only. And when it appeared again and I called your team to report reported issue with Sonetel charging me wrongly they didnt even understand the issue.
To make it simple you have a mess in your system. Sometimes you charge me for the incoming and outgoing calls sometimes you not (for exactly the same calls). And the support I am getting is really bad. I decided to resign from your services at the end of the month.
My recommendation is still very negative. Waste of time....

Reply from: Padmini Narayana
August 1, 2015
Hello Jarek,

I have been following up on your case after noting your doubts on the call charges. I have got this under high priority and my engineers will be actively working on answering your queries and solving any issues which may have been causing this inconvenience. I apologize for this and have instructed the team to follow up for a quick resolution so that you can continue using our services smoothly again.


Padmini Narayana
Head-Customer Support
Sonetel Customer Service
May 1, 2015
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Submitted by: Peter (Perth , AL)

Sonetel Beware - Useless Non Service

I have been making repeated calls to Sonetel for the last 6 weeks to their call center through their Australian number to report a fault and complained about the service that I am not getting from Sonetel.

I have 2 sonetel numbers, one Australian and one USA. I have not been able to make ??call back?? calls to nor receive calls from my Australian contacts since nearly 2 months ago and I have called Sonetel repeatedly to report about this problem but to no avail. I reported to their staff that every time I make a call to an Australian number the line would get cut off immediately when someone on the other side picks up the phone. I have also not been able to receive calls from anyone who calls me from within Australia. I have paid Sonetel an initial fee of more than $70 to set this up for my business plus I have had to pay a fee each month to them for their non-service as well as fees for all failed calls. I have not received the full service from Sonetel as per our agreement to procure from them. I am asking to for my numbers with Sonetel to be cancelled as of immediate effect and I am asking for a refund of all the monies that I have paid Sonetel. This is excluding what I have suffered in lost business opportunities out of the company failure to provide the service as outlined in their Terms and Conditions for Service. I will also seek help from my solicitors to recover any losses as a result of this.

I want all my money refunded.

They are completely useless!

Peter Chin
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Sonetel is a Swedish based VOIP provider that delivers a 'free' cloud-based PBX for small and medium businesses. In true is an inexpensive service, not completely free. Sonetel assigns iNums (International Numbers) and these may be forwarded to other (mobile) phones. It offers unlimited extensions. It also has a premium package, at $9.95 USD. The Premium package has unlimited calling to some 40 countries plus additional features such as FAX to email and SMS to email, are also free.

The GUI interface is fairly intuitive and allows to easily navigate and add users, features, and credit. Strangely only one supported ATA (Linksys 3102).  But there are more IP phones and desktop software that has been tested and there are instructions on how to connect any SIP phone-based.

Sonetel has revolutionized business communications with its cloud-based phone system, and global enterprises are starting to take notice. International business can be complicated, and Sonetel offers a way to get rid of the boundaries, giving access to anyone that may need it—even those in the small business market. 

Sonetel’s service is one way that business mobile phone users can avoid paying expensive bills for long-distance calls. Skype, now owned by Microsoft is another mobile app option to make VoIP calls that reduce long-distance costs to fractions of a penny per minute. 

Maple Leaf Features

Fax Capabilities Checkmark
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Multiple Users: Checkmark
Toll Free Numbers: Checkmark
Web Management: Checkmark
Area Code Selection: Checkmark
Smartphone App: Checkmark
Conference Calling Checkmark

Is it possible to use SONETEL as commercial purpose in Bangladesh?

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