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Website: www.ixica.com
Availability: ON
Monthly Price: $8.00 CAD

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October 18, 2018
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Submitted by: John McPherson (Moncton , NB)
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A Great Wholesale Company

A Great Wholesale Company
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Intl. Minutes:

Ixica Communications is a Canadian telecommunications provider which was founded in 2007 and is based out of Toronto, Ontario.

The company’s ‘About Us’ page was down at the time of this writing, but we know a few things.

Ixica Communications specializes in SIP Trunking but covers multiple areas beyond that from telecommunications to web development to Hosted IP PBX solutions. They state they provide coverage in both Canada and the USA.

In this GoneVoIP review of Ixica Communications, we will focus on their residential Home Phone VoIP services.

Ixica Communications only has one residential Home Phone VoIP option. Their home phone service includes such features as:

  • unlimited calls in Canada and the USA
  • Keep the same number
  • Caller ID
  • visual call waiting
  • e911 access
  • voicemail-to-email.

The cost for Ixica’s Communications residential VOIP comes in at $8 per month. There is an additional one-time cost of $99 for the phone adapter. Which includes programming of the adapter and shipping.

Much like their business packages, Ixica Communications is light on features and somewhat heavy on pricing when compared to other Home Phone providers.

In GoneVoIP review of Ixica Communications residential Home Phone VoIP services, we find them to be very middle-of-the-pack with the features, pricing looks okay. It is a company worth checking out simply because their pricing is on par with other comparable companies with similar features. Considering that they are not highly packed with features, then there is no real advantage with their residential VoIP versus a company like Yak or VOIPO which both have more features.

Ixica Communications specializes in business services such as SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX Solutions. Home Phone seems to be an afterthought, as to provide additional services. But the undeniable fact is, as it stands Ixica Home Phone does not offer much value for them. The value comes only when you combine these services with the other main services the company provides. Overall Ixica Communications has lost appeal as you cannot combine Home Phone with Home Internet anymore. The rather average pricing with a rather below average feature selection makes them a disposable choice.

Having said that, if they are available in your area, we encourage you to compare them with companies such as Yak or VOIPO. And if you happen to have a business VoIP service with them, then combining your residential Home Phone VoIP with them makes it a worthwhile consideration.

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