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Zid internet is a subdivision of Zymos Computer systems Inc which was founded back in 1997. Zid telecommunication is a multi-continental endeavor as their clients' span across Asia, the Caribbean, and North America. Zid headquarters can be found at 3955, Isabell Suite D, Brossard, QC, J4Y 2R2. One of the positive things we noticed about Zid internet was their membership with the Canadian Association of Internet Providers and the American Association of Internet Providers.  They offer a wide variety of VoIP services, web hosting, and residential internet among many others! Let us now, however, focus our attention to one of the residential VoIP plans that ZiD has to offer!

ZiD offers a local calling plan which costs a total of $10.00 per month. This plan allows for unlimited local calling, unlimited incoming calling from Canada, and calling the United States would cost 3 cents a minute. The pricing on this plan is abhorrent to say the least. PhonePower, another prominent VoIP service provider, offers a North America wide plan which also is unlimited for only $5.99 per month. ZiD however, implements are larger price while covering a much smaller area in its calling range. The pricing on this plan is not only beaten by PhonePower, but by many other providers such as 1-VoIP, VoIPMuch, and Yak! 

The international calling rates of ZiD might, however, be a chance for them to redeem themselves from the pricing on the plan.  PhonePower allows its customers to dial to Pakistan at a rate of 6.8 cents per minute! ZD, on the other hand, allows the customer to dial Pakistan at a rate of 14 cents per minute! The difference is double, and the very steep rate being implemented by ZiD is not at all justifiable. 

ZiD does offer a comprehensive list of features in its service but there are a few imperative aspects missing. The first aspect is that this plan comes with no fax capabilities, and secondly; the more important aspect is that there is no mention of a smart app to round out the phone service. Smart Apps are essential in today’s world for any VoIP provider considering everyone spends the majority of their time on their smartphones rather than the cordless!

ZiD is certainly off the mark in many key characteristics of its services. The monthly pricing and international calling rates are just far too high to grant any real consideration. Furthermore, the absence of a smart app is very disappointing, to say the least. ZiD will certainly need to step their game up to contend with the competition that it faces!

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