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Dial Tone Canada
Dial Tone Canada

Dial Tone Canada

Website: www.getdialtone.com
Devices: N/A
Coverage: Unknown
Monthly : $17.99 CAD

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October 9, 2015
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Submitted by: Chet Skibinski (Guelph , ON)


Incoming calls: 2 rings, then nothing more - becomes a "Missed Call".
Phoning support number: "not in this area". In other words, no support response.
Do not confuse Dialtone Canada with Dial Tone - different companies, misleading. Cheaper and more competent VoIP providers are available. I'm trying Phone Power - so far, much more impressive at lower cost (take advantage of the 30 day trial period).
December 16, 2014
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Submitted by: Alan Gooding (London , ON)

An absolute ripoff!

After installing "the device", we were unable to make long-distance calls, and some local calls were tagged as long distance. We called DialTone (aka ComparAction) many times and asked them to fix this but they had no solution,so we sent back the device (a little late, unfortunately) and they charged us $90.00 for late return. This is an absolute ripoff,as the device cost about $4.50 to make. We complained about this but nobody was willing to refund our pension money. A lesson hard learned...
CARP recommended ComparAction and we will be writing to them with a strong complaint.
July 25, 2014
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Submitted by: MEL (Barrie , ON)

Needed to Reset Daily

Friendly, patient, polite support. Service often failed, including no dial tone, no incoming calls (sometimes all went to message and were recorded as wav attachment, but attachments were only playable on old laptop, not on iPhone or Nexus tablet). First, it was definitely a bad device (replaced at no charge), then it definitely was a bad supplied CAT 5 cable(replaced at my cost), then definitely the old phone on one jack, then it definitely was the replacement cable being a CAT 6 not CAT 5 (replaced again at my cost), then I gave up after continued daily resets.
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Dial Tone is the consumer brand used by CDTel Inc to offer VoIP services to residential users. CDTel is HQ in Dorval, Quebec.

Dial Tone Residential phone plans, in general, are priced on the mid to high end when compared to Gonevoip top providers. As normal, the Home Phone plans from Dial Tone do have some of the typical features; such as Voicemail and Caller ID. Though lacks apps for desktop/smartphone - putting it at a disadvantage with many other providers not only in price but also in flexibility.

Also, a major drawback is that one cannot complete online registration, rather has to wait for the call-back of their agents. With the negative aspects that usually means the Sales Representatives are likely mandated to be up-selling packages.

In all, Gonevoip's believe there is nothing to like about the Dial Tone Canada Home Phone offering. It is slightly over-priced, not many features and with a sales tactic that is a throwback to the early 2000s. Simply put, consumers can choose better, and cheaper.


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we have been with dialtone since 2013. currently their customer phone # and their online link are not available. i think they have gone out of business.?

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