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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$$26.95 Shipping: $N/A Other: $ No

Download: 6 MBPS

Upload: 800 KBPS

Cap: 150 GB

Overage: $1.50/GB

Oricom has been providing internet services for the past for the past two decades having been founded back in 1995. They offer the trifecta of telecommunications services which include television, phone, and internet. They provide various bundles to help customers save their money when they opt for multiple Oricom services. They boast they offer the best plans available going as far to say “Dare to compare our plans; you will see the ORICOM INTERNET advantage.” It will be our job to put this claim to the real test!

Oricom headquarters can be found at 400 Rue Nolin, Quebec, G1M 1E7. Let us now review one of Oricoms flagship internet plans to gain better insight into their commitment to their customers.

Oricom offers a variety of different DSL and cable plans for residential users – each of these plans is tailored in a way to meet specific needs of the various types of clientele. Our focus will remain on their Simplicity residential plan, however.

The regular high-speed Cable plan Oricom offers can be availed for $26.95 per month. This plan comes with download speeds of up to 5 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1 Mbps and has a bandwidth limitation of 150 GB per month. If you'd like this plan but unlimited then the price goes up to $35.95 per month. The next plan in the Simplicity arm is the one coming with 10 Mbps download and 1.5 Mbps upload. Costing $34.95 with 150 GB usage or $44.95 for unlimited usage.

The Simplicity DSL plans start at $28.95 per month with 7 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload and 150 GB of usage. For the same speeds but unlimited usage goes for $39.95. The next DSL plan is the top of the line coming with 10 Mbps download and 7 Mbps upload. For unlimited on this last plan, the cost is $44.95 per month.

Now this plan would seem very reasonable if Oricom had offered a better bandwidth cap. However, this measly 150 GBS per month just doesn’t cut it. If compared to Worldline which offers a residential plan which comes with speeds of up to 6 MBPS at an unlimited bandwidth allocation for only $29.95 per month, we can easily see a great discrepancy. The promotion is basically being used as a very appealing hook! This hook comes with another price as well – if you want to avail this promotion you’ll have to opt for a 24-month contractual agreement!

The overage charges that Oricom implements are off the charts as well. We usually see providers implementing overage charges of $0.25-0.50 per GB. However, Oricom implements an overage charge of $1.50 per GB!  Furthermore, Oricom offers the basic internet features than any other provider offers as well such as web space, email addresses, and tech support!

Oricom should definitely work out a method in which they wouldn’t have to use underhanded tactics to acquire more customers. Customers who aren’t satisfied with Oricom services and want to move away from the face a termination fee that is calculated on the basis of how long they’ve stayed in the agreement. Oricom should also research into their competition and implement more reasonable pricing!

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March 31, 2016
Submitted by: Benoit Desbiens (Quebec , QU)
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À éviter

À éviter absolument, après 5 ans de mauvais services, à avoir un téléphone qui fonctionnait à moitié et m'a fait perdre plusieurs clients à mon commerce, avec un internet qui coupe constamment, des contrats trop long qui te font payer même quand tu fermes ton commerce et pour bien finir après avoir donné 7 mois d'argent pour un service que je n'utilisais plus vu que mon local était fermé ils ont le culot de m'envoyer une facture de 15$ pour un fil manquant à leur modem, pas de prob le chèque est dans la poste mais pourfaire un 15$ sur mon dos pour un fil qui en vaut 5$ après vous avoir donner 600$ pour un service que j'utilisais même plus c'est cheap rare
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