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Website: www.easyvoice.ca
Coverage: ON
Monthly : $14.95 CAD

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Easy Voice is a telecommunications provider based out of Oshawa, Ontario.

In our review of Easy Voice, we will focus on their business VoIP services including Hosted PBX services and see if we can glean any information on what the potential advantages and disadvantages of this service are.

Easy Voice offers four basic plans for Hosted PBX which are the EV Basic Meter, the EV Basic Plan, the EV North America, and the EV World Plan.

As you can tell by the title, the EV Basic Metered plan is a simple, basic, metered plan which is billed by the minute. The cost comes in at $6.95 per month.

The EV Basic Plan adds the unlimited calling in Canada feature but with a drastic price increase of up to $14.95 per month (per user/extension).

The EV North America Plan checks in at $21.95 per month (per user/extension). This plan comes with unlimited calling in Canada and the US. Mexico is not included here despite North America in the title of the plan.

Finally, the EV worldwide Plan comes in at $29.95 per month (per user/extension). In this case, worldwide actually equates to 34 countries.

Easy Voice has tons of add-on features that can increase your company’s bottom line on monthly expenses but can also add important features your business may need.

For instance, for an additional $25 per month, you can add on the Easy Voice Auto Attendant which is essentially a virtual receptionist. Cheaper than a real-life secretary but a feature that other companies often include in the price.

You can also get your number as a local number for an additional $9.95 per month.

The conference bridge is a great feature that allows you to conduct a full-featured conference bridge service starting with five users and connecting to an unlimited number of callers at one time. The service is a bit pricey at an additional $29.95 but if used 2-3 times daily it more than pays for itself as 5 users have unlimited usage.

The fax-to-email service is $14.95 per month. The virtual mailbox comes in at $4.95 per month. Want to record every call your company makes? That starts at $49.95 per month.

In our review of Easy Voice Business VOIP services, we think they have some of the least expensive plans around. However, if you want some the cool features they offer such as conference bridging, fax-to-email, or recording of all of your company’s calls – well then your monthly bill could quadrupole

The value of Easy Voice is to go minimalist and just get the plan with no added features. If you need additional features, we suggest looking at some of GoneVoip’s top business phone companies such as RingCentral or Versature.


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