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April 13, 2016
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Submitted by: bob barclay (Montreal , QC)

Don't Trust This Company

Although I started using Caztel without problems, I suddenly got a large charge on my Bell bill for a Caztel dialed call that didn't go through. The party I was calling did not answer, so I hung up. I later went to make another call, and realized that the previous call was never disconnected. I immediately phoned Bell and they said if I had not spoken to anyone I wouldn't be charged. But now the large cost does appear on my bill. Caztel tried to say the call connected but it did not. Caztel tried to say they are a company independent of Bell, but they clearly are not, given Bell is the one sending the bills out, and given Bell is the one that owns the telephone lines. I asked to speak to a supervisor at Caztel and was told someone would call me back but nobody ever did. I can't take a chance on ever using this company again.

Reply from: Glenn & Vivian Sample
May 30, 2019
We could not get through to a Que. number,
phoned many times but all we got was a busy
signal. Why is this happening? We are
supposed to be able to phone anywhere in
Canada and the United States, so what is the
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Intl. Minutes:

Caztel is a Long Distance service provider that operates the 10-10-710 long-distance service. HQ in Saint-Maire de Beauce, QC.

Effective March 31, 2021 the service is no longer available for users in Alberta and BC; for users using a Home Phone from Telus or Shaw.

Caztel was Founded in 2001 in the city of Sainte-Marie de Beauce, Caztel Communications is a CRTC licensed telecom carrier. The company offers phone services to residential subscribers and to small companies across Canada.

Caztel's International Long Distance calling services are available on traditional, cable and fiber-based lines from the following major Canadian Telecom landline carriers:

  • Bell
  • Bell-Aliant
  • Bell-MTS
  • Cogeco
  • EastLink
  • Rogers 
  • Telebec
  • Vidéotron

In our Caztel/10-10-710 Review, we found the characteristic is that is defined by calling rates divided into $0.99 chunks.  This may appear as cheap as you could be calling throughout Canada or the US for less than one dollar. Though rates are quite high when compared with Rebtel and/or Yak for example. More so when you look at rates for overseas calling; for example to India costs $0.04 the minute whereas elsewhere you can find that at $0.01. So you need to look at the rates carefully before deciding.

Caztel is a dial-around service. The way the service works is that dial around long distance providers is a long-distance service provider that may be used with any traditional home phone service, and occasionally cell phone service, without replacing your existing long-distance service provider. This is accomplished by first dialing an access number, usually prefixed with 10-10, to connect to their system and then entering the phone number of the person you are calling to be connected to them. This works much like how calling cards work except that you usually always have your phone number registered with them so that you don’t have to enter any PINs or additional numbers outside of the access number. You also typically get billed for your users directly on your phone bill after the fact and instead of prepaying.

It is also important to note that these services are usually only available with standard telephone service providers like Bell, Telus, and Rogers and they aren’t always available in all areas. If you have a standard, non-VoIP, telephone service you can easily dial the number to test and see if it will work for you.

Caztel also offers a monthly subscription, but it guards the information closely since there is no information on their website other than it is available and that certain conditions apply. Monthly packages are a bit of a rarity for dial-around long-distance service providers. Though maybe easily used with cell phones because it uses local access numbers (LANs) instead of the normal 10-10 number. 

In all Caztel/10-10-710 is an outdated proposal. It looks like an idea the market has simply outgrown; many Home Phone providers offer free Canada calling anyways, and international long-distance rates aren't the best one can find.


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Why can I not use Caztel when phoning to Quebec?

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Calls to Quebec would not go through. We find out Caztel is not letting us know.

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Trying to reach 1-819-453-1219 Que. from On. Not able to reach that no., busy for the past 4 days. What is wrong?

There is no reason that the party we are calling has blocked. No trouble and all of a sudden this week YOU are not letting us through. We didn't change anything and the party we called was not receiving our calls.

Hello, There could be many possible reasons, though one of the most frequent ones is that your call is being blocked. It could be that the person you are calling is using Anonymous Call Blocking or has blocked your number. Typically that is resolved by asking the person to check their phone settings, and unblock you. Regards, The GoneVoIP Team

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