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SE Telecom Business Phone Systems

SE Telecom is a full-service communications provider with a mix of traditional services and cloud-delivered business services across voice, data and IT.  

Originally founded in 2001, SE Telecom has seen steady growth starting with onsite PBX deployments with surrounding LAN/WAN set up in turnkey solutions.  By 2005 the company incorporates and continued to enjoy growth as a distributor and supporter of product lines such as Avaya, ShoreTel, and Nortel.  When IP Telephony changed the industry landscape, SE Telecom embraced the new business services value delivered for clients and invested in full Unified Communications.  The outside workforce grew to a small fleet of mobile technicians turning-up locations and doing onsite support. In 2012 more office space was obtained and set up for Business Continuity clients that require Disaster Planning.   By 2015 SE Telecom fully embraced the cloud technology and put forward a new business services model to benefit small, medium and large Canadian businesses.   In 2017 the growing customer base reached over 700 Avaya IP Office Solution deployments with other 11k telephone sets installed.

Over time the company has added their own Business Internet, audio/video conferencing, Managed Network Services and IT Integration with Professional Services.  SE Telecom possesses the capacity and technical expertise to deliver simplified business services over complex technology. 

What SE Telecom has to offer?

Voice solutions are now lead with a Hosted Cloud Telephone Service.  On-premises IP PBX is also offered where there is a customer restriction or preference away from cloud deployments.  Deployments for ShoreTel and Avaya typically deliver several included features not listed here but visible in the self- service online quote generator at SE Telecom’s website.  Other traditional voice features include DID, Toll-Free, International phone numbers, SIP Trunks, virtual FAX, and physical phone lines. 

Call Center specific features are supported and the client has access to intuitive portals with historical events, alarms, and analytical data at a web interface.  

Access for SE Telecom Business Internet is delivered over ADSL, cable, Fibre and 4G Wireless. 

Various modern conferencing solutions (voice, video, and collaboration) are available for enterprise-wide meetings with supported software and maintained hardware.  Integrated collaboration solutions are provided for Outlook, Presence and HD video calling to groups or individual workers.  

SE Telecom has roots in delivering Professional Services to integrate voice, data and business services. Integration expertise exists for best in class CRM and ERP applications.  Add on services are comfortably configured for, Zendesk, Office365, G-Suite, Slack, Dropbox, Skype and more. 

Managed Network Services include monitoring, repair of onsite equipment and support for structured LAN cabling.  Professional Project Management is applied to the larger customer’s onboarding process.

Unique Features

The company is socially responsible and regularly contributes to local charities and events.

Care has been taken to develop solutions that sell into various vertical markets with separate messaging towards Education, Healthcare, Retailers and Hospitality prospects, etc, etc.

The company web site allows the interested shopper to configure and roughly price a full cloud Telephone Solution (by multiple vendors) from their self-service quotation tool.

Pros and Cons

SE Telecom is a full-service provider that has deep expertise in delivering proven solutions while being relatively nimble compared to the larger national telecom providers.  Best-in-class solutions are proposed and delivered on.

Although competitively priced these engagements are likely best suited for medium to large deployments.  Forward-looking, a larger IT Cloud Hosting, and Network Security Services could join the growing portfolio of existing telecom products.

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