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Devices: SIP Client
Availability: ON
Monthly Price: $19.95 CAD

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Northridge Telecom is a telecommunications provider which provides residential and business VOIP services. Their headquarters are in Mississauga, Ontario.

Some of their products include Home Phone, Business Phones, SIP Trunking, Virtual PBX, IVR, Auto-Attendant, Local and 1-800 Numbers, and Internet Fax.

For this review, we will focus on Northridge Telecom’s Home Phone service, and see how it stacks up with’s top home phone providers.

Northridge Telecom offers two main residential Home Phone plans: the Talk-Canada Package and the Ultimate Package.

The Talk-Canada package comes in at $12.95 per month and features unlimited Canada-wide calling.

The Ultimate package comes in at $19.95 per month plus applicable taxes and includes unlimited US & Canada calling. Consider this plan is $10 more than VoIP Much Canada & US calling plan, which at $9.45 a month! 

One perk about Northridge Telecom is that they state: “We pride ourselves in being completely available to our customers, day or night.” In other words, we assume that they have 24-7 customer support which is an invaluable feature for a VoIP Home Phone company and one we wish more companies embraced. However, beyond the statement, it is not actually listed anywhere that they do in fact have 24-7 support.

Northridge accepts multiple forms of payment including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Interac, and PayPal. This is also another feature we encourage more companies to embrace as most only accept Visa or MasterCard.

Other good things are there are no contracts to sign. If you discontinue using Northridge Telecom prior to a year has passed, they ask that your return the hardware but if it has been longer than a year the hardware is yours to keep.

They do allow you to keep your existing number when switching to or from them.

Their website was wonderfully designed and easy-to-use. All information was easily accessible which is again something a lot of VOIP companies seem to have a problem managing.

We did head over to their social media pages and none had been updated since 2013, while the copyright at the bottom of the website also stated 2013. That can be a red flag when there has been no activity or updates for so long.

In our review of Northridge Telecom, we were impressed with this company. Their pricing and features are competitive with’s top Home Phone providers, while they had tons of bonus such as numerous payment options, ease-of-use with the website along with a crisp and clean design.

They do get a red flag however with lack of any social media updates in nearly five years, along with the website itself having a copyright from 2013. They could be worth checking out, but as always compare to our Top Home Phone providers.

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