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Website: www.uniserve.com
Devices: Android, iOS
Coverage: AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, ON, PEI, QC
Monthly : $30 CAD

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February 5, 2015
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Submitted by: meadow (Fraser Valley , BC)

Business VOIP Gong show

Bought the sales pitch, much cheaper rates. Checked reference.
It took ages to actually get our phone lines transferred - one at a time. Simple call forwarding took over a month to get set up. Features we needed and were told were doable ended up being refused. For others, we had to tell them how to do it. Installers broke our fax capability, it took rewiring the lines to fix it.
We gave up. We need a reliable, competent supplier, they are neither.
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Canada: FREE
Intl. Minutes: Varying

Uniserve has been in the business for 25 years now serving customers across Canada. They offer a variety of services to residential users as well as business owners. They provide internet connectivity and VoIP solutions as well. Apart from that they also provide web hosting, colocation, domain registration, and IT services such as data backup, redundancies, and data storage. The versatility Uniserve brings to the table is very commendable, to say the least.

Their headquarters can be found at 330 – 333 Terminal Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 4C1. Let us now, however, indulge ourselves with a review of one of the business VoIP plans that Uniserve provides.

Uniserve offers a basic business plan for $30 per month which comes with unlimited calling, and 2.9 cents per minute for continental calling throughout Canada and the US. DID is included in this plan and additional DID’ would cost two dollars per.

With this plan and all of the Uniserve business plans, Uniserve implements a “UniFlex” solution that integrates desktop phones, mobile phones, computers, tablets, making them unified, which creates an integrated hub for consistent communication. Instead of a traditional system where data would fly over phone lines and wires, the data is transmitted like an internet connection.

Now the fun part is that this pricing may very well be too high when compared to other well-known VoIP business phone providers such as RingCentral. RingCentral provides a Cloud Computing infrastructure that comes with unlimited calling throughout North America for only $19.99 per month.

Now the issue of a lack of information begins; no comprehensive list was provided of the features that Uniserve provides with this plan. Whether or not you have a working fax service or voicemail to email service is unknown. Apart from that, no mention was made of the calling features either, such as whether or not conference calling, call forwarding and many other necessary features are provided or not. The only two features that were mentioned were the call of day forwarding and call transfer, which if are the only two calling features provided would be quite disappointing.

Uniserve is on the right track with providing the right type of services for a business to work with. However, their pricing scheme and features integration certainly need to be worked upon if they want to realistically contend with some of the competition that is stomping everyone on the VoIP market.

Furthermore, they should also provide unlimited calling throughout North America rather than just local calling due to the expansion of businesses going on in Canada right now as we keep crossing over the border to do our business in America.


Fax Capabilities Checkmark
Fax to Email Checkmark
Multiple Users: Checkmark
Toll Free Numbers: Checkmark
Web Management: Checkmark
Area Code Selection: Checkmark
Smartphone App: Checkmark
Conference Calling Checkmark
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