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August 25, 2019
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Submitted by: Mohammad Awal (Ajax , ON)
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Terrible and money grabbing service!

I have been a customer of vonage voip service for several years. At the beginning service was great but in few months quality deteriorated big time! Complained several time, each time I had to be at home and spent hours on phone with them help troubleshooting. Then I would be asked to check for few days but it's the same problem.
On the other side they increased monthly price by more than double. I called them to cancel the service where I don't have any remainder agreement. It wasn't easy to get someone for cancellation but finally I found and agent said he would take care of the cancellation but later they kept sending me bills with the increased amount and I have been suffering over six months calling them several times for cancellation of the service and they continues to send bills for each month although the service is not used at all. Spoke to supervisors many times but no help at all !!!
August 20, 2019
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Submitted by: Saurabh Patel (Brampton , ON)
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can't fix technical problem

To: whomever so is responsible for customer service at Vonage

My home phone line has been down since August 14th and the Vonage technicians still haven't figured out a way to resolve the issue. Vonage says "Communication is Everything" on their "About Vonage" page, but here we are unable to communicate through Vonage home phone. Customer Service keeps saying "we're sorry about that sir" but no one wants to tell me what exactly are they doing to resolve the issue. Apparently, the "level 2" tech support is looking into the issue and are saying "underlying issue with the external vendor has been fixed" but home phone line is still not working.

Not a single customer service rep has given me any assurance that the issue will be fixed any time soon. They also haven't mentioned a word about how Vonage plans to compensate me for this inconvenience. Perhaps this is how Vonage treats their loyal customers.

Fix my phone line Vonage


an upset client who is running out of patience.
June 17, 2019
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Submitted by: Bill Roberts (Halifax , NO)
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Limited Access, Unreliable Service

My Halifax phone is unable to access 311 (Halifax Regional Municipality) , 511 (Nova Scotia Highway Reports), 811 (Medical Help Line) and 310-3776 (Pioneer Fuels) all of which were accessible with my previous land line. Several calls to support, but no response from them. Would appreciate an explanation or better yet, a fix!
In addition occasionally incoming calls go direct to voice mail without ringing the phone and outgoing calls result in no ring-no answer conditions.
Service is not up to standard.
May 9, 2019
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Submitted by: James (Ontario , ON)
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Vonage is Generous

I just moved from U.S to Canada last month. I looked for an affordable home phone plan. I searched in google and found Vonage. After 6 months, my promotion ran out, so i decided to cancel Vonage. However, i was astonished the agent gave me back the same rate without losing features of my Vonage plan. I said' okay huhuhhh...
January 5, 2017
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Submitted by: Michelle (Kelowna , BR)
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No issues with Vonage

I have used Vonage since 2008. Rarely do I have to call support and I have found that both call quality and support to be very good.

I like the phone app and it came in very handy when I was in Mexico and needed to call home. Just called off of Wifi.

I also really like the voice mail to text. Sometimes you get some weird translations but for the most part you can figure out what what the intent is of the message without having to listen to the voicemail.

The only thing missing I would like to see is selective call block. It might come as Vonage does update the features on a regular basis.

Someone commented on a contract -- I don't have a contract and never did.
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Canada: FREE
Intl. Minutes: 0

Vonage was established in the US in 2001 and is HQ in Edison, New Jersey. Started operations in Canada in 2004; Canadian operation offices are in Mississauga, ON. While Vonage is not accredited with Better Business Bureau we can see here there had been 112 complains closed through BBB over the last 12-months, and in all over the last 3-years, there had been 415 complaints registered with BBB. In the beginning, Vonage reviews were very negative due to a variety of reason, internet connection, and own infrastructure.

Note Vonage offering is directly in competition with Phone Power In terms of comparison by doing a Vonage review we found is more expensive (3x times more) and not as flexible (no support for BYOD for instance) nor feature-rich (have to pay extra for certain features that are free elsewhere). Also, Vonage chooses to use a 6-month price reduction whereas for example VoIP Much gives a low monthly fee throughout. Also, the offers from Vonage, as mentioned before are tied to a 1-year agreement (read the contract).

Vonage also has an international plan (included calling to 60-countries), which is currently running a promotion at $9.99 for the first 6-months, though is a jaw-dropping $34.99 thereafter. So a full year at the regular price of the international plan would set you back $419.88 + taxes; at that price is better to compare and assess the best plans out there!  

In GoneVoIP's Vonage home Phone Review, we looked at the Canada/US plan, as it is the most common use. We do note the plan does offer good VoIP features; such as caller ID, call blocking or Call forwarding, or voicemail to a text message. Though it's extra to have a fax-line, providers such as Phone Power or VoIP Much would let you receive and or send faxes from their web interface. Also, it is extra to have Vonage's softphone; meaning you can't use Vonage with any SIP client.  There is an application Vonage has introduced they call Vonage Extension, which may be used from any phone (office or mobile) and use the rate from the Vonage line. Newer plans have one extension associated with free service otherwise it is a chargeable feature. The way extension works are like calling cards, in where you have to register numbers allowed to make outbound calls. Useful but pales in comparison to other integrations we have seen on Home Phone and smartphone.

The mobile Vonage App allows free talking and texting between Vonage App users, with available video chatting for iPhone and Android users. It is just one more chat-like app doesn't offer full integration nor any added features.

>>Compare Vonage in our head to head against 1-VoIP. Call 1-855-462-5349<<

Something else Canadian we do not get from is the no-frills brand of Vonage, Basic Talk which is only available in the US. It uses the same network; not as many features and all in one basic plan at advertised $9.99; but as we said earlier is not available for Canada and is not know if it would ever be.

In summary, Vonage Canada does have a good plan if compared against traditional landline providers (such as Bell or Rogers) - though nowadays there are many more providers in the same space as Vonage. Ten years ago Vonage's plans were innovative, today are expensive and rather pale in per comparison.

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Why not Vonage not able help all fraud problem

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How do I get my my messages?

Hello, From your Vonage home phone, dial * 1 2 3, then Enter your Password/PIN when prompted. Finally, Press 1 and then choose to listen to new or saved messages. Hope this helps! The GONEVOIP Team

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My phone # 705 744 7040 is not one I can keep. Why is this & what kind of numbers are available in Ontario Canada ?

Hi, checkout VoIP Much, they are $9.45 /month and can port your Mattawa, ON number - https://www.gonevoip.ca/voip-much-phone-company-residential-review

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