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Canada: 2.9 cents/min
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SoundCurve specializes in providing business VoIP solutions to its users as that is the only service they provide. They are a product of the Southpoint Communications LLC and provide their services in Canada and America. SoundCurve offers a comprehensive amount of information on their website about their various plans and features that are inclusive of them. The quarters of SoundCurve are situated in North America and can be found at 340 S. Lemon Ave #6525
Walnut, CA 91789. Let us now review one of their VoIP business plans and see how they add up to other prominent business phone VoIP providers.

SoundCurve offers a business phone plan for 16 to 25 users that is priced at $19.99 per user per month. Each user would get 200 toll-free minutes and a charge of 4.9 cents per additional toll-free minute would be implemented in the case the limit is exceeded. Furthermore, there is unlimited local dialing which is actually limited by the fair usage policy of SoundCurve. Each user would also get either one free local or toll-free number depending on the needs of the business. The pricing of this plan is quite spot on considering how well it fairs against other business VoIP. For example, RingCentral too offers a business VoIP plan for $19.99 per month, and they very likely have the best rates going around for any business VoIP solution.

The features inclusive of this plan are what make it stand out greatly. Usually, an additional charge is required when opting for a fax to email service. However, with SoundCurve this service is inclusive of the plan. Furthermore, this plan also includes voicemail to email services which with other providers is an add-on that requires additional fees. Apart from these two great features the normal calling features necessary for any business are also present such as conference calling, call recording, auto-attendant, and professional greetings. The only disappointing factor we noticed, however, was the lack of any mentioning about a smartphone or desktop app to integrate the service with modern-day smartphone technology. Regardless of that minor setback SoundCurve goes the extra mile with the other features they have provided.

SoundCurve has a lot to offer at a price that is very economical for any business whether it be a startup or well-established corporation. Their features provided with their plans are very important to understand especially when you notice under providers don’t make the effort to go above and beyond the way SoundCurve has!

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