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EasyVoice.ca is a telecommunications provider. The company provides residential and business VOIP along with standard long distance plans.

Easy Voice has headquarters in Oshawa, Ontario.

For our review of EasyVoice.ca, we will focus on the company’s long-distance service and see how their pricing and features stack up with GoneVoip.ca’s top long distance providers in Canada.

First and foremost, EasyVoice.ca offers a Direct Dial package which has no monthly cost beyond the charges per minute, which start as low as three cents per minute. The EasyVoice Direct Dial plan is most convenient for those who use the phone sparingly and only want to pay for the exact amount of time they talk. There are no pins or access numbers needed and the plan is advertised as starting at three cents per minute and gives the consumer an ability to be able to call out to over forty countries for only four cents per minute.

EasyVoice.ca offers an Unlimited Canadian outgoing calling plan for a flat rate of $12.95 per month. They also offer an Unlimited Outgoing Call Plan to Canada and the US for $15.95 per month.

Finally, EasyVoice.ca offers a Worldwide Unlimited Outgoing Calling Plan for $21.95. They call it worldwide, but it is limited to 34 countries.

The non-direct dial plans require that you dial a local access number before making the actual long distance call. This plan is much more ideal for customers not interested in switching their primary long distance carrier.

The website states that there are no hidden fees, no contracts, no commitments and crystal clear quality for all calls.

The countries which fall under the Unlimited World plan include: Canada, United States, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Romania, Russia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

That is a light list for a company advertising the plan as Worldwide. With 206 countries in the World, they are about 160 light. And Puerto Rico isn’t even a country but rather a dependent state of the USA.

In our review of EasyVoice.ca and their long-distance services, we came away somewhat impressed. Their direct dial option offers considerable value with calls to the forty countries listed above for four cents per minute with no additional monthly fees, no pins or access numbers, and no contracts.

However, their monthly plans offer little-to-no-value and quite frankly utilize false advertising. For the direct-dial, they advertise it as “over forty countries” while the same exact thing is advertised as unlimited Worldwide. If we were forced to recommend EasyVoice Long Distance, we would definitively say direct dial and steer clear of any monthly plan.

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