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Oricom has been providing internet services for the past two decades having been founded back in 1995. They offer the trifecta of telecommunications services which include television, phone, and internet. They provide various bundles to all three to help customers save their money when they opt for multiple Oricom services.

They boast they offer the best plans available going as far as to say “Dare to compare our plans; you will see the ORICOM INTERNET advantage.” It will be our job to put this claim to the real test! Oricom headquarters can be found at 400 Rue Nolin, Quebec, G1M 1E7.

GoneVoIP will now review Oricoms flagship VoIP Home Phone plans to gain better insight into their commitment to their customers.

Oricom offers three distinctive Home Phone plans;

  1. Simplicity at $14.95 per month
  2. Family at $19.95 per month
  3. Total Telephone at $24.95 per month

As the name implies, SImplicity is just a telephone line, with no features. Receiving calls is free and to make calls to Canada or the USA is $0.05. The family plan adds voicemail-to-email and Caller ID. The Total plan adds Call Waiting and Automatic Call Forwarding.

PhonePower offers an unlimited North America wide VoIP plan that comes at a paltry price of $7.40 per month. The difference between the pricing and the range of calling is certainly too vast to give much credibility to Oricom. Oricom implements a five-cent per minute charge when making long-distance calls within North America (Canada and the United States). Oricom Canada & USA calling plan goes for $24.95 a month!

Oricom isn’t doing too well for itself in terms of international calling rates either. Oricom implements a charge of 18 cents per minute for placing international calls to Pakistan. While PhonePower implements a charge of only 3 cents per minute when placing calls to Pakistan. This isn’t the case with just calls to Pakistan – placing international calls to the United Kingdom using Oricom would cost 13 cents per minute while with Phone Power it doesn’t cost a single penny.

Another disappointing factor we noticed about Oricom’s VoIP Home Phone plans is the lack of essential calling features. Somehow you still have to pay extra to get call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, nor does it have voicemail to email delivery; all of which are essentials for a Digital Home Phone. Which are offered inclusive in the plan by many of the other providers available in the country.

Oricom needs to revamp their entire calling plan from scratch and create a different package altogether. With the number of features that are included in this plan, it is not at all appealing. Furthermore, the charges are over the roof in comparison to other providers and it would take a drastic change to make Oricom a competitive force in today’s telecommunication market!

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