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Devices: Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, SIP Client, IOS
Coverage: AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NS, ON, PEI, QC, SK, NT, NU, YK
Monthly : $ CAD

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Telogiks is a telecommunications provider with head offices in Markham, Ontario and Fullerton, California. The company was founded in 2001. Back at that time, they had started out as a telecom parts distribution business.

Telogiks is now partnered with Genband and utilizes Genband’s Nuvia service which provides a suite of market-ready desktop, mobile and web-optimized business communication services for both small businesses and large enterprises. This partnership occurred in 2014.

They state they are the first Enterprise GENBAND Canadian partner to provide VoIP services to small to mid-size organizations in North America.

In our review of Telogiks, we will attempt to figure out what types of packages and pricing this company offers and how it compares to Gonevoip’s top providers.

Telogiks takes the approach of not offering the standard three basic pricing plan structure on a graduated set of features. Instead, they operate on a pay as you go approach.

Throughout their website, they compare their plans to a company called Ring Central.

Telogiks states that beyond the pricing model, there are other key differences to Ring Central and other companies like it. The first is that they use Carrier-grade technology which provides 99.999999% uptime. It says this allows for all the elements to be redundant and the infrastructure is deployed geographically unlike Ring Central which only offers 99.99% uptime and its system uses N+1 redundancy.

Another difference between the company is the customer service, which Telogiks says is in-house and is not outsourced to other providers.

They also hype up their features, including one the competition doesn’t have called the call grabber. Call Grabber lets users seamlessly switch active calls from one device to another. Telogiks also offers superior and robust conferencing, collaboration, and call management options. The ability to share lines, customize call routing rules and voicemail transcription makes Telogiks’ solutions attractive to any business. In addition, our integrated click to dial features stand out as a big plus.

Telogiks also integrates with Salesforce, Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Skype for Business, IBM Connections and SAPS.

Finally, they state that their pricing is better on a month-to-month basis as the competition requires a minimum of 100 users and a one-year contract in order to match their month-to-month costs. However, they never actually state what the costs are on a month-to-month basis. A quick look at Ring Central’s website indicates their plans range from $29 - $49, so we can only assume their pricing falls in this range.

Of course, there is no mention of set-up costs or equipment charges either.

In our review of Telogiks, we were somewhat impressed with the wealth of information on their website. They go out of their way to explain what separates them from the rest (specifically Ring Central); however, when it comes time for pricing, we needed to fill out a form to request the information. We are still waiting for an answer at the time of this writing.

As such, we cannot really recommend acquiring services or anything from this company. We find Telogik's website to be somewhat confusing, borderline misleading. We can only venture to imagine what the customer journey must be like with them.


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