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$ 69.95 CAD

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$69.95 Shipping: $200 Other: $ Yes

Download: 10 Mbps

Upload: 1 Mbps

Cap: 100 GB


Xittel is part of the Groupe Maskatel LP. With headquartered in Saint-Hyacinthe,  a small city in southwestern Quebec east of Montreal on the Yamaska River.  Maskatel acquired four telecommunications companies in order to expand its service territory in several areas in the Quebec province. These companies were: Compagnie de Téléphone Upton inc., Compagnie de Téléphone de St-Victor, Compagnie de Téléphone de St-Ephrem, and Télécommunications Xittel. With these strategic and complementary acquisitions, Maskatel is undergoing a period of great expansion.

Xittel uses terrestrial microwave technology to provide internet service. This is different as it does not depend on satellite, optical fiber or copper cable. This technology is not new and has been used in telecommunications for decades. Common on military applications as seen a fast method to deploy telecommunications. The limitations of microwaves is the geography and terrain and relatively low bandwidth available. Also could lead to congestion if several customers are using the same band, similar to what is seen in the cable networks.

With that said let us review now the available home internet plans available from Xittel. We shall start by saying there is a contradiction, as on Xittel's website shows 3 plans available but when you click on any plans you are redirected to Maskatel website where it shows only two plans available. So ultimately it is only two Microwave Home Internet plans. 

- Up to 10 Mbps Download & 1 Mbps Upload with 100 GB of usage @ $ 69.95 per month
- Up to 15 Mbps Download & 2 Mbps Upload with 120 GB of usage @ $104.95 per month

The installation cost is rather high at $200, though the good news is that the monthly rate includes a $5 in the value of antenna rental.

For those in rural Quebec Xittel or Maskatel, offer two packages with good speeds. Though the usage is rather limited, certainly not for those who want to watch Netflix or other streaming services. The pricing is on the high end, sounds somewhat overpriced for the 15 / 2 Mbps package.   We hope Maskatel makes this right and starts offering higher usage allowance (300GB or more) and prices right the packages. 

Though Xittel microwave internet access is good. Is good to have options and possibilities,  no matter where you are internet connectivity is a must these days.

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