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ClearlyCore Hosted PBX

When founded as Core Telecom Innovations in 2006 the first wave a product was on-premise and hosted PBX systems for small and medium Canadian businesses.  Their focus was on the upfront consultation and migration projects to port enterprises onto modern Business Phone solutions bringing true savings and innovation on a communications infrastructure.

Today the renamed ClearlyCore Inc have a presence in Toronto, Vancouver, and Halifax which drives resilient business services such as voice Disaster Recovery and High Availability options for its’ customer base.   

What does ClearlyCore have to offer?

ClearlyCore business offers include an in-house built PBX platform called ClearNote. It is offered as a cloud service over internet connections.   It is rich in a call center and unified communications features such as find-me-follow-me forwarding to mobile phones, vmail to email, SIP Trunking and more.

The same ClearNote software can run on the client’s site and client owned server for an on-premise solution. Multiple vendors of standards-based telephone handsets are supported.  

A third service model of ‘Enterprise PBX Solutions’ being a custom built series of PBX instances at multiple locations all working together and controlled by the client’s administrator via the cloud service. 

ClearlyCore consults with the client on the corporate WAN design and can supply all software and hardware required to replace or augment existing desk phones.

Enhanced 911 (E911) features are supported and protected when trunks are supplied by ClearlyCore Inc or it’s partner Northern911 to round out the offered business services.

Unique Features

The founder and current CTO of ClearlyCore Inc is also a leader of this industry’s Asterisk Documentation Project to further define free open source standards for IP Telephony and Unified Communications.  The model of open systems allows the customer to phase in new business systems integration over time as resources allow.  This service provider remains technology agnostic while looking for the best solution based on customer needs analysis.

For mission critical voice deployments the ClearlyCore business consultants will design and support High Availability and your Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery) Plans with redundant hardware and diverse routing.

Pros and Cons

ClearlyCore Inc will spend time upfront of the sale to consult with new prospects on their true needs to select the best fitting solution.  Customization is possible and accommodated.  The deep industry expertise will allow smooth migrations and negate any compatibility issues during a roll out project.

This provider is likely best suited for only for medium to large business service deployments where the in-house administrator is technically competent, the application integrations are eventually desired and the client open to partnering to gain expert assistance. 

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