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Devices: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows & Mac
Coverage: AB, BC, MB, NB, NF, NS, ON, PEI, QC & SK
Monthly : $27 CAD

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babyTEL is a Montreal-based VoIP service provider, providing both residential and commercial VoIP access throughout the United States and Canada. First launching in May 2004 as a Canada-only operator, babyTEL is believed to be now one of Canada's leading VoIP service providers. In February 2007, babyTEL also ventured south of the border by providing service in the U.S. market. Though worth mentioning, babyTEL has been in the telephony industry since 1991, making babyTEL a true experienced and seasoned veteran!

In GoneVoIP's babyTel Review, we found the Cloud PBX plans to have a good set of features for businesses such as:

  • Do-Not-Disturb
  • Caller ID Block
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Voicemail-to-Email 

It also one of the few VoIP providers to list Home Alarm support. The business plan also provides the integration with ROAMbaby; which is the babyTel smartphone and desktop app.  When combined with the Business Phone the ROAMbaby app works as an extension giving the typical flexibility of carrying just one phone number.

Following are the current 3 plans babyTel is offering:

  • Lite Extension at $17 per month
    • Inc. 100 minutes of calling
  • All-In Extension at $27 per month
    • Inc. Unlimited incoming calls and Unlimited calls to Canada & the USA
  • All-In Extension with Phone at $27 per month (promo)
    • Same as above but includes a Yealink IP Phone

We found the rate for the monthly plan per user to be among the somewhat expensive in the market. While the plans say it's unlimited calling in the terms of service babyTel does state it's subject to fair usage; though it says it will compare use against others that have the same plan it does not report the limit in terms of minutes - a bit strange as the majority of providers nowadays do report it. Another odd fee babyTel as implemented is that if you want to use your own ATA they'll charge you a monthly fee; why would that be its a mystery.  Finally, you also have to factor shipping costs, if you are buying a phone from them.  The international calling rates from babyTel are good but not exceptional. When compared to other international long-distance providers such as G3 Telecom we found these are usually twice as expensive or more.

One of babyTEL's features is its single-line/multiple location capabilities, giving users the ability to route a single number to two or more phones that can be separated by a few feet or by thousands of miles. babyTEL is also a pioneer in social-networked VoIP having launched an early integrated telephone service for the Facebook platform called Telephone.

In all babyTel, Cloud PBX business phone solution does have very good features and seems good technology and support behind the sales offering. Though pricing practices and some lack of clarity in the services (how many minutes have unlimited plans?) make for an unappealing phone solution. The market has better offers out there.


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