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Bruce Telecom is a Telecommunications Provider with Head Office in Tiverton, ON. Having two satellite offices in Port Elgin, ON, and Kincardine, ON. Bruce Telecom has a large history, founded in 1911 by a group of farmers. The name back then was Bruce Municipal Telephone System. As one may guess Bruce's service area nowadays extends from Kincardine north to Saugeen Shores, up to Owen Sound along the shores of Georgian Bay and inland to Paisley. The support to these communities is shown in the several events Bruce Telecom typically sponsors throughout the year.

In the spring of 2017, Bruce Telecom refreshed his image. The new logo is to reflect connectivity, the future, and Technology. Also to connect more with the new generation the website was completely re-done, making a smooth interface. Bruce Telecom presents itself as a "LOCAL award-winning communications provider."

Late November of 2017 Bruce Telecom CEO's resigned, since then Bruce Telecom Board have named an interim leader while they conduct a search for a new President/CEO.

Similar to many other Canadian ISPs Bruce Telecom offers, High-Speed internet TV, Home Phone with an add-on for long distance or international calling. What makes Bruce Telecom a different kind of ISP is that in his offers there are post-paid and pre-paid mobile plans. That is not something you see frequently for an ISP. In addition, Bruce Telecom has a similar comprehensive Business division, offering Business Phone, TV and Mobile services.

In our review of Bruce Telecom Long Distance, we found the service to be complementary to Bruce Telecom's Home Phone and dare we say rather basic. There is no Smartphone, no access numbers nor a desktop or web app. You could bundle up minutes for a fixed based on a monthly contract with a monthly add-on fee. Below is the table of the fees based on the minutes allocated and monthly rate. The rate is to be added on top of your Home Phone plan. 

  1. For 135 minutes is $6.95/month
  2. For 250 minutes is $12.95/month
  3. For 500 minutes is $24.95/month
  4. For 1,000 minutes is $34.95/month

Bruce's rates continue to be higher than our Top Long Distance Providers.  Thus making Bruce Telecom Long Distance plans rather expensive and unappealing. A pity if you think about considering the long history of Bruce's Telecom, serving the community needs. One would hope there is a review of these plans and rates to give all the communities it serves at better industry standards rates.

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