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August 28, 2019
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Submitted by: Pan (Mississauga , ON)
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Since early this year I got the ezlinq. I did the settings myself (took some # of attempts before success) with the help of the connect support articles and some googling around! I have been very pleased with the service (close to 100% uptime) and voice quality seems a bit better than my old landline even.
July 13, 2019
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Submitted by: Mike (Hamilton , ON)
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Have Home Phone and Internet extender with ezlinqand they are the best. Great customer service, great products, great price. No complaints of any kind and it has saved me a wicked amount of moola.
July 3, 2019
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Submitted by: Christian (Quebec , QU)
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Very Good

I have had the service with this device for a little over 2 weeks. On the first day, I was having issues so I got tech support. They asked about the Router I had and upon this, they instructed me to make a few Router setting changes. After that, Voila everything is working A+!
June 18, 2019
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Submitted by: Rod (Vancouver , BC)
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Virtual Numbers work

So what we have is one number with 3 virtual numbers so our teenage kids in the house have their own 'landline' yet still tie into our main line. The vast majority of what we do is local calling and some limited long distance (within Canada) quality is always good with the occasional breaking noise - but all things it is a very dependable service. We had multiple times were ALL lines are in use and no issues. We do not want our kids to be sharing their mobile phones # so we prefer this service instead, talk rather than text.
May 30, 2019
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Submitted by: David Mc. (Markham , ON)
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Pleasantly surprised

I was a Primus VOIP client for over 10 years. Recently, they raised their prices higher than ever. I've had many issues over the years primarily due to Primus' poor network, equipment and customer service. Primus, by far, has the worst customer service, tech support, and follow up from any business that I've seen. I've just been too lazy to make the number switch as I knew it would be a headache. Finally, I decided that I will not pay another penny to Primus and support their poor business model.

Let me say more about it. I switched my $35/month service to ezLINQ for about $7/month!

The number porting was a bit messy, but I was not surprised at all as it is dependant on Primus. Responsible for almost a week of downtime. Their customer service, tech support, and pretty much everyone I spoke to was in North America and the service is all things considered great. I gave them my wrath but they took it like a champ and kept on providing great customer service.

The service is now up and running now reliably. The call quality is clearer than Primus, the tech support answers... How refreshing for a business model. Also, the long distance rates are far better than Primus.

I would highly recommend ezLINQ's.
May 21, 2019
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Submitted by: Daniel (Toronto , ON)
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Fully Packed Plan

My wife and I work from Home - ezLINQ NexGen VIP Plan works great for our needs. We had added more numbers, from other provinces over time for marketing purposes and that was done very easily. It's still under $13 a month with tons of features we need, such as Conference Calling. The Talk app is handy that allows to keep conversations on the go and use it wherever there is internet. This device is a must if you telecommute.
May 13, 2019
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Submitted by: mdg8642 (Toronto , ON)
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Home Phone excellent service

Have had the home phone service for couple weeks now - overall very pleased with it. I was impressed with the technical information available - very knowledgeable and helpful. Installing the ATA / WiFi Extender was fairly straight forward - good instructions were provided with the equipment plus online support instructions helped with setup. My two top reasons for excellent rating would be #1 - price including long distance and #2 - support stuff. We can get the voice messages on the computer and also on the answering machine.

Adding a note - this phone (voip) didn't work with my home alarm system which was off contract but alarm started beeping when i changed phone lines to VoIP - I did some simple reprogramming which stopped the beeping and we continue to use the alarm locally (not centrally) monitored.
April 18, 2019
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Submitted by: Andy (Mississauga , ON)
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Digital Home Phone

Since there is no contract and at the price, it is, really there's no harm. switch my Bell line to Connect for more than 4 months and it works great. I only experience a choppy line twice. Most likely related to my internet. I choose to buy this device to extend WiFI and since don't need to config or worry about setting QoS for voice traffic.

BTW When you port your number, if you live in Mississauga, make sure you tell them your number is from Cooksville.
April 8, 2019
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Submitted by: Dave (Hamilton , ON)
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The setup was easy, WiFi extender setup in the kitchen. Fixed a long standing dead spot I had at home. Also I was making calls within minutes. I tested the device by calling my nettalk # with my cell. Did noticed when I called my nettalk # and let it ring it would sometimes just hang up before going to voice mail. Wondering if that is a setting one can adjust.

The quality is very good and no drop call problems while your connected to the other party. Customer service though, may be a problem with wait times of 25 minutes or more. Though coming from Rogers, that is no different. What it is different is that nettalk guys did not try to sell me anything.

So overall happy with the purchase.
February 5, 2019
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Submitted by: Carlos (Toronto , ON)
Feeling satisfied Satisfied Rating ๐Ÿ‘

Very economical

Switched from Bell to this. Have to say is a great little gadget. The call quality is mostly good, the few calls dropped are made up with the huge savings we get.
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Canada: FREE
Intl. Minutes:

Over the last decade, netTALK CONNECT has been at the forefront of the digital phone industry. The Miami based company previously had enjoyed great success with its DUO product line (with over 2 million units in the market)  - the original "no computer needed" VoIP telephone device. The DUO has been retired from the market and replaced with the ezLINQ, an all-in-one VoIP box, and Wi-Fi router. The ezLINQ is unique in that it allows users to connect wirelessly (or wired) to any router or landline phone. This means that the ezLINQ not only allows for crystal clear calls to any part of the world with just an internet connection, but can also be connected to a landline phone, cell phone, smart TV, or game console on account of its WiFi router capabilities.

Your Phone Company In A Box

In terms of reviewing the calling features, the ezLINQ offers free calls to landline and cell phones to Canada, the United States, and Puerto Rico with netTALK CONNECT’s NexGen call plan. Unlimited calls can also be made between all netTALK CONNECT subscribers worldwide, while free international calls can be earned through TALK Credits (TALK Credits can also be added for everyday low rates). The ezLINQ includes many features that consumers have come to expect from VoIP services such as enhanced voicemail, call blocking, and call forwarding, as well as a useful companion app that enables setup in less than two minutes (and yes, you can keep your existing number).

In addition to its phone service, the ezLINQ also boasts the following key features:

  • Create a WiFi Network: the ezLINQ can be used anywhere a router is needed to connect to a modem and create a wireless internet network.
  • Eliminate WiFi Dead Zones: use as a range extender to boost your WIFi signal throughout your home or office.
  • Share Files: The included USB port can be used for charging devices, sharing files on the cloud, or streaming media content to smart TVs.
  • Make Any Ethernet-enabled Device Wireless: Connect any device with a built-in Ethernet port to the ezLINQ’s blue internet port to make it Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Advanced Voice Tech: Adaptive noise reduction and echo cancellation

Tech Specs:

  • WiFi 802.11n b/g/n (300 Mbps)
  • 1 Telephone port
  • 1 LAN Ethernet port
  • 1 WAN Ethernet Port


  • netTALK CONNECT Phone Service - NexGen Plan
  • netTALK CONNECT Setup App for iOS or Android
  • High-Speed Internet Service Handset phone for phone calls

There are 3 types of netTALK CONNECT plans.

  1. TALK App: The App may be used to call other netTALK customers for free, or call any number worldwide by buying credits (FREE)
  2. NexGen: Free Calls to Canada, the USA, and Puerto Rico (1,500 minutes included) Call Forwarding and more features included ($7/month)
  3. NexGen VIP: Same as NexGen PLUS: Extra Features such as: Block Up to 1,000 numbers; Voicemails with Transcripts; includes 3,000 minutes and much more! ($7/month plus an annual $36 fee)

According to netTALK CONNECT Chairman Anastasios “Takis” Kyriakides, the ezLINQ was created with “ease of use” and “speed” in mind. “Our vision has always been to create a cutting edge and ultra-low-cost smarter home phone solution,” says Kyriakides. By combining a VoIP adapter and mini-WiFi router into the compact ezLINQ, netTALK CONNECT has created a device that fills many different communication needs.

Whether you’re looking for a digital phone solution to keep in touch with friends and family worldwide or simply want to boost the Wi-Fi signal in your home or office, the netTALK CONNECT ezLINQ with a NexGen VIP plan makes a very attractive package.  netTALK CONNECT's ezLINQ is part of a new wave of products designed to better suit today's home needs and leverage the power of the internet in making phone calls.

Enjoy the advantages of this 2-in-1 device. Order Today!

Maple Leaf Features

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Enhanced VoiceMail: Checkmark

My mum is in Canada and Sister is in Fiji. with netTalk can my sister call from Fiji using netTALK App? if I go to Fiji can I Call Canada netTalk home phone with netTALK App? will it cost me to call from App?

Hello, Note that all calls between netTALK users are always free & unlimited anywhere in the world with App-to-App and App-to-ezLINQ calling. Have a great day! The GoneVoIP Team

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I have a Canadian phone number with a Bell CANADA and wish to port 416 287.0575 over. I would like US/CDN unlimited calling with FWD + VMAIL services. Please let me know if my needs can be accommodated with monthly price

Good news, upon checking we can port your number over! The features you describe are part of the standard NexGen plan we offer. James.

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