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Devices: Android, iPhone & Windows PC/Phone
Availability: AB, BC, MB, NB, NF,ON, PEI, QC & SK
Monthly Price: $20 CAD

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September 4, 2019
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Submitted by: Coignard Christophe (Montreal , QU)
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Fantastic services and very good technologie

We have been dealing with Modulis for our telecommunication services. We are more than satisfied with the service and their solution with a very helpful staff. We recommend this comapgnie
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Modulis was founded in 2006 as an open source consulting service to the Canadian private and public sector organizations. After three years, Modulis shifted its attention towards creating a VoIP network to support the increasing demand for proper communication assets. With the success they achieved, Modulis began to expand across North America and Europe and has now become one of the largest business VoIP providers in Canada. Due to their global reach, Modulis has an increasing amount of clients and boasts more than eighty servers around the world that handle more than 10 million calls per month.

Modulis offers a plan that they call the InstantVoIp. This plan costs $20 per month and has free calling to the United States and Canada. The phones are provided with this plan, which in comparison to other providers is a great incentive. RingCentral offers a business plan for the cost of $19.99 per month which in comparison to Modulis’s plan is cheaper! 

Modulis offers a great smartphone integration service which allows users of iPhones, Androids, and Windows phones to receive and make calls through this network. This plan also supports desktops, iMacs, and tablets, which makes it a great choice for business owners in this day and age considering that everyone is on the move and need to remain in constant communication!

Within this plan, we noticed that a few things were missing.

Upon our review of the brochure provided by Modulis on their website, we learned that there is no fax to email service, which is an essential feature for many businesses due to the traffic of highly important documentation. Many providers give users a proper fax to email service, sometimes free of charge, and sometimes with an added monthly fee, nonetheless it is usually present! There is, however, a voicemail to email service but that alone just doesn’t cut it!

The brochure and website of Modulis seem to lack some important information, such as their terms and conditions. We wanted to find out whether this unlimited package is subject to a fair usage policy. Upon calling a representative of Modulis we were told that this information is only provided to serious customers and thus is not readily available on the website or brochure. We couldn’t even access the international rates table due to a 404 error, to which the representative told us that we cannot be provided with this information as of yet. This certainly left us dubious when trying to extrapolate key pieces of information.

All in all there are way too many questions that need to be answered, and apparently only those looking for a quote from Modulis can receive these answers. This upselling tactic is certainly not something a reputable provider does, but Modulis seems to dabble in it.

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