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DSL, Cable, Wi-Fi & Dry-Loop

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$24.95 Shipping: $50 Other: $Shipping No

Download: 7Mbps

Upload: 1Mbps

Cap: 60GB

Overage: $0.25/GB

Velcom is a prominent internet service provider located in both Quebec and Ontario. Velcom was founded back in 2000 and have been competing as an internet service provider on the telecommunications front for over a decade.  Velcom’s headquarters can be found at 1900 Clark Blvd., Unit 5 Brampton, Ontario L6T0E9.

Velcom has gained its credibility for many of the great promotions it has to offer. Velcom believes in only making customers pay for what they get, and if it means making a customer happy, they will go the extra mile!

Let us now review Velcom’s Residential DSL 7.0 plan! This plan costs $24.95 per month with a cap of 75 gigabytes. This plan has a download speed of up to 7mbps and an upload of up to 1mbps! If compared to another prominent internet service provider known as Yak, which offers a 6 MB plan for $29.99 with a cap for 60 gigabytes, we can certainly assert that Velcom is definitely the way to go!

Another great thing about this plan is that it is on a non-contract basis so customers can feel at ease!

Another great incentive Velcom has to offer is that it allows users free bandwidth time from 2am to 9am. This means that no matter how much downloading you do during these times, it will not apply to your monthly bandwidth cap! This aspect is great for a very wide clientele base considering that everyone is downloading at every moment they use the internet. Static IP`s are available for an extra charge of two dollars per month for every IP.

Also for customers who require a dry loop, there is good news! Velcom waives all monthly dry loops fees if you sign up with them during their promotional period. This is yet another great aspect about Velcom; enticing customers with great promotional value! 

Velcom’s overcharge is 25 cents per gigabyte, which maxes out at $25 dollars. If we compare this rate to the overage rate of Yak which is 50 cents per gigabyte we find that Velcom is a very economically friendly service provider! 100 gigabytes for an extra 25 dollars is not that bad and certainly worth it considering the other options that are available to customers in the ISP world.  

All in all, Volcom is a very safe choice for anyone looking for an internet service provider that is cost-effective. Their setup fees follow the same trends as every other service provider at $50.00 which includes the purchase of Velcom VDSL modem as well! 

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May 12, 2015
Submitted by: Benlynn Pool (Brampton , BR)
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Great Service!

My internet router wasn't much satisfying to me, as it had been creating hassle in my work. But, after I bought Velcom internet, I am happy and contented. Thank you!
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