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Simply Connected
Simply Connected

Simply Connected

Monthly : $67.75 CAD

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Download: 8 Mbps

Upload: 500 Kbps

Simply Connected is an internet service provider that serves southeastern Manitoba.

In our review of Simply Connected, Gonevoip will take a look at the internet plans and features offered by Simply Connected and see how they measure up against Gonevoip’s top internet service providers.

Simply Connected offers 3 main plans, which range in price from $56.95 to $101.95. Specific download and upload speeds are not listed, but rather a generic statement is listed which applies to all of the plans: “We offer speeds of approximately 3-8 Mbps download speeds and 1 Mbps upload speeds."

The Standard Plan checks in at $56.45 and comes with 25 GB of monthly data usage, as well as 2 email accounts (also at 250 MB per account).

If unlimited data is important to you (like it is to us) then the plan Gonevoip would recommend is the Unlimited Extreme Residential Plan which comes in a bit pricier at $67.75 per month. This option only allows for one email account with again the same 250 MB per account.

Finally, Simply Connected also offers an unlimited plan for businesses, aptly titled the Unlimited Extreme Business Package. This is the most expensive plan they offer with a whopping $101.65 per month price tag. There are only two differences between the unlimited residential plan and the unlimited business plan. Instead of one email account, the business package comes with ten email account, and instead of a 250 MB limit per email account, there is a 500 MB limit.

While the first three plans may be considered a bit pricey, Simply Connected doesn’t go into overkill with price gouging; however, with the business plan they definitely go overboard. The same exact plan is offered with the unlimited residential but at $30 cheaper with the only difference being the email. Considering Google offers Gmail business accounts for ten users at $25 per month but with a ton of additional features, including 30 GB of storage, the smart move for a business considering Simply Connected would be to go with the residential package and get a better work email option elsewhere.

Of note, is that for any of the plans listed above, extra email accounts can be purchased for an additional $1.50 per month (which also further shows that they are price gouging on the business plan as you can simply get ten additional email accounts for $11.50, albeit with less storage). Also for the plans which are not unlimited, any overage will be billed at $3 per gigabyte.

In our review of Simply Connected, we don’t really care for any of their plans or pricing. Not only are there are cheaper options out there, but ones with many more features and top-notch customer service. Unless there are no other options available to you, it would be smart to look at other options.


Web Email Access: Checkmark
Online Chat Support: Checkmark
Feature 24x7 Support: Checkmark
Unlimited Bandwidth: Checkmark
Own Modem: Checkmark
Rent Modem: Checkmark
Combo Wireless Modem: Checkmark
Fixed IP Available Checkmark
DHCP IP Checkmark
Extra Protection Plan Checkmark
DSL Checkmark
Cable Checkmark
Email Accounts Checkmark

Do you have a plan for an unlocked iphone? I want the Canada US plan as I am back and forth a lot.

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