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Easy Office Phone
Easy Office Phone

Easy Office Phone

Website: www.easyofficephone.com
Devices: SIP Client
Availability: AB,BC, MB, NB, NF, NS, ON, PEI, QC, SK, NWT & YK
Monthly Price: $ CAD

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Easy Office Phone, was established in 2006 as Enhanced VoIP Communications. It was a Canadian company once HQ is in Burlington, ON.  Easy Office Phone specialized in Hosted PBX Phone services for businesses of all sizes. 

Easy Office Phone Review - at the time was one of the most complete, feature rich systems we had seen in the market. Among the included features you have auto-attendant, call-park and call recording. The later, call recording is possible by means of using a soft-phone. While Easy Office Phone did not provide it did allow you to integrate with any of those in the market available for free, for example, X-Lite or Bria.

Easy Office Phone international calling rates were very good, much better than those of the traditional telecom operators and among the best we've seen in the Business VoIP Providers we have reviewed. Nonetheless, if international calling is an active part of your business you always do want to check for calling packages.

As an additional, as typically it is, it is possible to integrate Easy Office Phone to CRM (such as Salesforce) systems. Another possible customization is to integrate video calling - which medium to large business could find attractive.

The only part we ever score down Easy Office Phone was that we could not verify online the pricing of the services. One is forced to ask for a quote, while we believe Easy Office Phone has a very good potential it's disappointing to see the use of an aged tactic to up-sell. May be an option to consider but since prices are not clearly displayed and shown we are inclined to believe one is to expect pricing surprises.  

In the fall of 2015 Easy Office was acquired by Jive Communications and started operating as the Canadian branch for Jive. Effectively all Easy Office customers moved to Jive.

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