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Leaf Telecommunications (Leaftel) is a telecommunications provider which specializes in VoIP services. Their headquarters are in Montreal, as well as having offices in Toronto.

Their company page states they provide service to over 150,000 customers in Canada and have been in business for fifteen years.

In our review of Leaf Telecommunications, we will take a look at their residential VoIP services and see how they compare with GoneVoip’s top residential VoIP providers.

Leaf Telecommunications offers four main unlimited phone plans: The Unlimited Local, Unlimited Canada, the Unlimited North America and the Unlimited World plans. All four offer the first month for free.

Deceivingly all of the plans are advertised as $0, though not to be fooled that is because the first month is free; however, they never actually list the monthly price.

The only price we can find for these plans is $17.95. A generic rate comparison at the bottom lists $17.95 as the monthly charge after the first month but doesn’t state which plan they are referring to. Therefore, we can only assume they are quoting their cheapest option which is the unlimited local plan.

Even more bizarrely, the unlimited local plan lists one of its features as unlimited local and long-distance calling. We can only assume that means you can make unlimited long distance calls but not that they are included as depending where you are calling you will get a different rate. Canada, for instance, is 0.019 cents per minute, while the United States is 0.020 cents per minute. Some international options are Japan at 0.029 cents per minute and Ukraine, which is 0.265 cents per minute.

The Unlimited World plan includes only 70 countries, leaving out more than half of them which makes this plan only unlimited for a select few countries.

Set up is advertised on Facebook as being free and that they are having a promotion that equipment is included. How long does this promotion will last for is not listed anywhere?

In our review of Leaf Telecommunications, we actually like some things about this company. Our most single major complaint, which is a big one, is that the monthly cost is not clearly stated after the first month's discount. If the Unlimited Local plan is $17.95, what is the cost increase for the other three? Is there a contract? None of these items are discussed or presented clearly on their website, so we can only say that if you are considering them, you ask these questions before agreeing to buy anything from them.

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